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Meta-morphosis  (11.30.05)
  by Ruth Cunningham title image

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s refolded hope turns forward
into peace without regret
beyond the backward glance of love
that cannot be re-met,
to know the wings unfurling
from their limit's loss
and find
the measure of my treasures worth
is of another kind,
and thank the grace
that guides my heart
to seek its place
from mistaken struggle's victory
that never could be found,
I cannot pay the real cost
for such a priceless gain
accept to pledge my purpose
to truth's greater goal and claim
and offer back my purchase
on every living breath
to speak its holy meaning to our days of life-and-death.

For not a lifetime's woe
my friend
and not a moment's bliss
can change the motive's message
to teach us more than this:
to know your self
and be your self
and call your self by name,
For as Selfhood's sovereign marvel
you are
by truth
the same.