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The Clothes Closet of Your Dreams
by The Speakers
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ow: You have been living, experiencing, with a kind of unfocused intensity. From the inward position, you are certain of your life’s deeper purpose and sure of your growing inward abilities, while from the conscious position you are still pretending that you do not know how to physically actualize that inward purpose utilizing those inward abilities. You are pretending that you do not know how to create your inward intentions, desires, and abilities out into an acceptable exterior everyday reality. Many of you can recognize your personal version of this pretending in your own lives.

You have been energetically bouncing your creative energies back and forth between your inward Self’s certain position and your conscious self’s disguised position, with such force that you are literally making yourself tired.That is partly why you have been so overcome with a need for sleep lately.You have been willfully, continuously, trying out, or trying on, each new possibility of actuation (as it comes from this latest expansion of your inward abilities), almost as fast as it “comes to mind”. In this particular instance, you are quite without inward discipline.

Every new awareness of choice is rather like opening your closet and discovering new clothes to pick from. With each change of clothes, with every new outlook or view of new possibilities, you understand that you need to try on all the right psychologic and emotional accessories. So just as you would choose the shoes and hat to match a new outfit, you are trying on the possible beliefs that co-ordinate with each new potentiality you are considering.

Just as you might decide that today you will wear your black dress, you decide that today you will wear despair, understanding that as you choose the right accessories for your black dress you need to choose the co-ordinating emotional overview that will properly complete your psychological outfit. So now, to match up with your choice of despair as a possible general viewpoint for your everyday reality, you will choose to wear a possible-belief in yourself as meaningless or worthless. Do you follow?

However, you are no sooner dressed in your new possibility than you decide to pick a different outfit to try on. Instead of your black dress with matching shoes and hat, instead of your despair with the possible-belief in yourself as meaningless and worthless, you decide to try on your yellow dress. This requires trying on the possibility of success along with its possible-belief in your self as valuable and capable.

Dear friend, you are focusing your conscious mind too acutely in each new trial stance. You so totally accept – believe in and then live in each new outfit you try on, that you forget that each is only an illustration as a self-created construct designed for testing your creative abilities. Do you understand this situation more clearly now?

The side effects of this “game” of yours clearly show you that it is necessary for you to consciously decide, somewhat more lastingly, which path of possibilities you will follow towards which probability of actualization. As a physical Being within physical reality, you cannot continually, so abruptly, keep trying out each variation or set of possible-beliefs and viewpoints without experiencing subsequent physical effects. You cannot continue your game without experiencing the corresponding physical effects of the time differential, or time lag between inward unmanifest reality and physically manifest reality. There are physical ramifications to be considered, understood and taken into account within the processes that move inward events forward, into materialized, physically rendered events for you.

In your exuberance to experiment with how beliefs, possibilities, and probabilities work together, you are confusing your physical brain in relation to your physical body. You are disrupting the balance between your interior actions in relation to their counterpart physical self’s reactions as interactions.

In a manner, you are throwing off the stasis between physical energy and psychic energy that needs be maintained for overall human stability. In an effort to compensate for the disequilibrium your game is creating, you have been restricting some of your physical activity (although you have been only peripherally aware of this). The faster your psychic motion has become the more of your usual quickness of physical motion you have been cutting back.

As well, in this game of yours, you are striving to learn in intimate personal ways about humankind’s emotional component – to learn about the great creative diversity of emotional nature that infuses humankind’s reality. In sweeping terms, you are learning how other people feel, inside of their individual realities. You realize the meaning of this proposition and understand your reasons here. For you know that you cannot write one word that will give meaning, convey knowledge, express the texture of truth that you are striving to acquire and share, if you do not fully grasp in every realm of human experience, those common denominators of humanity’s emotional existence. You cannot touch one heart, unless you can feel that heart’s living emotions and find the shared needs that every heart responds to.

You are learning. However, if you are to put your learning into actualized motion and create your dreams (beyond only the dream books of our sleep-focused work with you), then your learning will have to become knowledge. You will now need to learn how to reverse your psychic bouncing about – how to use your own self-and-Self’s shared power from both focuses to exert an equalizing or stabilizing psychic environment of beliefs alongside an open emotional commitment to your combined larger purposes. You will need to put your exuberant creative energy into the more consciously shaped perspectives that are necessary for your inner fulfillment to actualize into your human physical reality.

This game of yours also acted as kind of delay tactic, postponing the challenges that are inherent in every realm of this purpose of yours. You fear you cannot live up to the great ideal you are now more consciously setting for yourself through openly recognizing your twinned purpose. So, you have been psychically racing about, trying on this and that set of beliefs, possibilities, and probabilities trying to find exactly the “right” set that will produce the “best” physical and emotional circumstance within which to carry out your endeavor. Yet all the while, you know that the solution to your inward dilemma is only a matter of choosing the set of co-ordintating psychic experiences you will physically live with.(Yes, in a manner that means choosing whether to accept this job of listening here – and all that this means in your human life.)

Perhaps now, having shown yourself through your psychic romping just how easily you can and do use your power to create, or construct and experience within all areas of your reality, you can come to terms with your conjoined purposes between self-and-Self, and Our Selves. Perhaps now you can begin the process of assimilating your inward knowledge into your human life more compassionately. Perhaps you can now find the necessary faith and trust between inward Self-reality and physical self-reality that you have been seeking in order to learn what you intend to from this life of yours. In spite of your muttering mind’s protests, you DO understand this.

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Note: After a break.

Now: to continue along the lines that you have been listening to while away at your chores. Indeed, when you look honestly into your past you find many memories of our connection to you that you purposefully hid from yourself. Memories of our voices, heard and clearly understood, that were entirely unrelated to any symptoms of illness.

These experiences that you construed, or came to understand as symptoms were a self-created response or reaction to the irrational, illogical physical facts of your life, and they were accepted for very sound reasons. Now that does not mean that in any consciously understood manner you either created or held or repeated these experiences-as-symptoms. As it is for many people, a deeper and more complete understanding of this situation is an ongoing lesson. That information will continue to be forthcoming from your Self, as it must be for others from their Self’s. Alongside this work our assistance will naturally be included with your Self’s in these matters. There is still much to learn as you strive for a clearer grasp of general reality’s creation. However, the immediate issue here is how you are reading, understanding, constructing, and reconstructing your experiences of these physical facts that are yours.

In spite of your physical discomfort, you chose to dress yourself in these experiences so long as they served to further your growth. You realize that some of these constructs are no longer necessary, having deciphered your reasons, understood what these experiences represented as lessons of inward growth, and recognized that they have served their purpose. Clearly, to continue holding these experiential patterns so rigidly in place is now a hindrance to that growth.

Some of these experiences-as-symptoms actually served as protective clothing for your conscious human mind. As a Self-method, some of these experiences helped to protect the ego-centric portions of your human mind while you struggled toward this particular point of learning that we are discussing here, and that last evening’s dream was clarifying for you.

Now your dream of last evening was a very creative show-and-tell between self-and-Self. The dream showed you what you already knew: namely that others can see who you are in spite of your many costumes, and disguises – in spite of the ensemble of symptoms – in spite of your externalized constructed pretexts – in spite of what appear to be the facts of your life.

Early on in this physical lifetime you were literally denied the necessary psychic-psychologic ingredients for life, denied the fundamental factors or conditions needed to actualize your own Being from any angle, almost. Such profound violation from every direction of self’s experience operationally obliterated your human self-to-Self power patterns. The human mind’s inherent patterns of self-through-Self energy, that are effectively humankind’s blueprints for actualization, were detached from their intrinsic organizational framework.In any of the usual regards, the self-to-Self power patterns became inoperable, as such subjugation rendered your human self almost a virtual ghost to your inward Self, cut off from your origins, from your encompassing Source.

Your dream showed you the inward, psychic truth however. It showed you the truth about your self-and-Self identity that is your energy’s shape and underpinnings. You saw what you have always understood -- but dared not look at -- the truth of your own identity – of humanity’s identity -- that you knew you needed to look at, if you were to move forward with your Self-and-self’s purposes, regardless of your life’s struggles.

In the dream, you found yourself in a large, open fitting room filled with people trying on clothes. You were naked. You saw people looking through the doors and windows and realized that neither you nor they were concerned. You knew it was always understood that others could and did see the energy identity – the psychic identity beneath the human costume, and that each person’s “real” identity is always in full view. From inside this dream you grasped that the beliefs any of you wear are purely a matter of individual choice. In the dream, everyone continued trying on clothes and asking opinions. The opinions that you received varied widely, yet you clearly saw the reasoning behind each opinion (though now you recall only a few). Inside the dream, you knew exactly what each opinion meant, reading the surface of inferences into their corresponding inward counterparts – translating those exterior conclusions into their interior representations.

You tried on a particular top that had a wide-cut, open square neckline. Someone turned to you and told you that it was out of date, out of fashion, and while still within the dream, you keenly understood the meaning of this. There in the dream, you comprehended what you have been working so diligently to understand in your waking conscious mind – recognizing the lesson and the attached learning that you have been struggling with in this physically real conscious life of yours. Suddenly you realized that some of the people in the fitting room trying on clothes were actually other versions of your self.

Still from inside the dream, you began to decipher, or interpret what each opinion actually meant in light of this recognition of your encompassing identity. The top you tried on was too big, meaning that your ideals are too vast, too visionary to be accomplished in one fitting or to manifest in one poem, one book, or only one endeavor – only one lifetime. It was clear that many fittings are necessary, many poems, many books, many endeavors -- many lifetimes are needed to reach your goal of actualizing your identity according to its consummate design.

That the top was too big also meant that your accelerating, expanding knowledge is now too large to confine your experiences within constrictive, rigid beliefs. That the top was out of fashion meant your beliefs were outmoded and no longer suited or fit your new concepts of human identity. Yet conversely you understand that the new beliefs and newly dressed vision you have of your self-and-Self’s identity and purposes is still too large a concept for you to fully actualize yet, from this present point of learning in this lifetime.

You are mightily impatient with your own progress, pushing yourself to learn faster, inspired, motivated by your own headway. For even as you see the whole of your life – and so far beyond, glimpsing the whole picture within which this life of yours and every person’s fits, you also see the distance of the greater goals beyond even that reach.

From one angle of experience, as your psychic development expands and your vision grows, your human self has been over-reacting to it. You make too big or magnify some of your human experiences, like some of those symptoms of illness, while of course what you are trying to do is cut them down to a wearable, workable kind of livable everyday reality for your physical self. This is a reaction, for you are frustrated with what feels like “forever trying”. You are struggling to fit your powerfully expanding, matchless picture of inward experiences and realizations into the smaller illusory time-and-space reality-frame of single physical life that you also exist in.

Your understanding of simultaneous time, together with your ability to deftly navigate in multidimensionality, continually surprises us. Of course, each of you inwardly grasps time’s simultaneity, and each of you inwardly navigates quite handily in your own many coexistent dimensions of your own Selfhood’s reality. However, it is this conscious awareness of your inward navigation that has been your developmental goal. It is because of this ability – because you can hold open a portion of your conscious human awareness while you explore other dimensions of your own Self, that you feel so frustrated.It is your comprehension, coupled with your impatience and consuming effort to learn more acutely and wholly-consciously in these ways that are so uniquely your own, that is causing your human self such distress. This is an original development indeed, this leap of consciousness into this inside-out expansion of human mind’s awareness of its own workings. This is the eventual, needed development for each individual and humanity itself.

In effect, you are exploring areas of Consciousness that actually spread past the areas generally understood as the unconscious portion of human mind -- and you are cognizant that you are doing so! You feel as if this larger reality in which these experiences of learning occur and about which this learning is centered will not fit into the smaller framework of physical human life and its experiences. The harder you try to fit these together the more frustrated you become, and the more pronounced some of your physical symptoms of illness become as a result.

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February 26,1987

Now, to continue: You are confusing the aim with the method of the aim here. You are trying to reduce your ever-expanding inward picture of reality to fit within the smaller frame of your physical life’s facts since this is the primary operational consideration of every human self. You are attempting to do this by what actually amounts to reducing the speed of inward energy’s flow that has become so pronounced with your accelerated development. Rather than resolutely focusing on your conscious thoughts and following them inward, you are trying to struggle past them, pushing them away. In effect, you are actually closing off sections of your energy’s vast inward mind-ways. As you try to close off some of your thoughts and even some physical activity, you are closing off the cracks through which new information will flow and that you are in the first place seeking to open.

If you allow your mind less and less freedom to think along newly opening avenues of your own awareness, knowingly ignoring the exploration of creative affiliations between divergent ideas, refusing to examine novel, unexpected and sometimes seemingly scandalous connections, then you are limiting the mix-and-match nature of your learning. You are in a manner refusing to acknowledge those new combinations of concept that are necessary if you are to “change your clothes” (your beliefs) for others that will fit better and be more comfortable or livable. If you reject the exploration or consideration of new ways to think about things, closing your mind before it is open almost, you will not find those original ways to put your thoughts together with your experiences, so that you can continue our work here.

Such misunderstandings are a repetitive closed-circle of cause and effect. Your need now is to assert the knowledge that you already do have in your mental hands, and allow the natural, inventive, creative action of mind. We can only suggest that you permit your own resolve to follow your beliefs, as such co-operation self-to-Self is the acceptance of your own power. It is this assumption, this presumption of self-to-Self intelligence that springs open the doorway to your learning. We tell you often, and will continue to remind you, that only as you are each willing to take possession of your own power of mind – use your mind – can you direct your experiences of this life of yours. It is your power to decide about. It is your mind to use. When you do not deliberately direct your own power of mind in the creation of your own reality, you do your self, your Self, and every self-and-Self, a great disservice.

When you are not directing your own belief building, managing your own creative concept-construction and shaping your own power of mind, then by default you are acquiescing to the belief systems of others. When other’s belief systems are formulated on domination-subordination power paradigms (patterns) that cast you in the subordinating role, you are interacting without or with less power, than is rightfully yours. In such a case, you are in a manner allowing others to use your life as a testing ground for their own beliefs. Such scenarios are often double boomerangs whereby your own misunderstood default ends up assuring others that their own misunderstood error-full beliefs are in fact quite correct; since you seem to have been rendered power-less while they seem to have been rendered power-full.

You are meant to actively utilize your own power towards your own creative aims. It is meant that you handle, manage, maneuver, and manipulate your own power towards creating out of the substance of your own self-and-Self. In this way, each of you can then reinforce the beliefs that are the truth about every individual’s power to do the same.

You know these things, yet you have often been shying away from the responsibility of your self to yourself, and then your self to your Self. We understand your caution here. You know your own reasons. You are more than aware that if you frighten so easily in the face of your own awesome power, then others also can and do become afraid of their own energy of creation, power of selfhood. You know the value of “gentle light” and realize that only care-full illumination can promise the awe of enlightenment.

It is no surprise to us, or your Self, that you are in the process of making the literal choices concerning probabilities that will let you continue this life of yours toward actualizing the best fulfillment of all of our purposes. You understand precisely what you are so energetically debating at your own less conscious levels. There Are No Closed Clothes Closets. You will finally choose a suit that fits. In this psychic-psychological context we are speaking of, you have always known that one day you would need (for your larger purposes) to “get better”, and that is partly why so much of your life’s circumstances are primarily of an unseen nature.

You are designing a new wardrobe, literally designing a new psychological configuration, framework, organizational outfit of beliefs. You are doing so with no past pattern to copy from – without any affirmative instructions from within this lifetime. For you have survived without those commonly life-supportive core-belief structures (or teachings) that are the usual prime conceptual paradigms for humanity’s survival. In fact, further, you had to unlearn many impossibly contradictory belief patterns in order to have your life at all. Yet, this lack has actually been more helpful than harmful in your personal inward situation of Selfhood and identity. You know from experience that there is no outside authority on how this new wardrobe of beliefs you are organizing, should be put together. In this instance, no one else has better fashion sense than you do.

Your freedom to choose shimmers before you – you are astounded by the countless combinations of endless choices open to you; amazed and sometimes overwhelmed with the vibrant array of possibilities hanging in your clothes closet of reality. Your dream served in so many arenas to reinforce intent, re-establish confidence in your own power to choose, as your own power to create from your choices. But you cannot spend all of your time (to your way of thinking) either mesmerized by the view, or relearning your lessons. Finally, you are ready to acknowledge that if you are to reach your goals you must put your lessons into physical practice and sculpt their form as physical objects and events. Your impulses are acutely valid, so follow them toward new alliances between your thinking and your acting upon those thoughts. Set forth in very physical terms, to wear your new clothes to new places.

You cannot move and stand still at the same time. You cannot expect to hold tight to old beliefs, no matter how ingrained or permanent they seemed, as you begin to dance with the psychic effervescence of true Selfhood. Beliefs are living knowledge that is forever in the process of making your individual reality believable. Beliefs are rather like complimentary co-operative family members, with one that sings and one that dances one that weeps and one that comforts…. Beliefs are not a collection of inert, immovable, ponderous ideas. Beliefs are the living motives that create your daily experiences into your physical world. You can no more expect to rearrange your beliefs and not have your experiences change, than you can expect to rearrange your furniture and still sit in the same chair in the same spot.

Now: to change the subject to something else you have been wondering about. You are aware in certain deeper layers of still-conscious thought that we are assisting you in learning how to hear and translate our meanings into understandable concepts for human hood. To you, the many threads of our communication are a physical feeling or sensation, as you work to disentangle your own thinking voice from ours in order for this process to become clearer, less confused, with less distortion in the language and with less overall psychological strain – however unconscious.

It was your decision to embark on this exploration with us, though that was of course within all the “given parameters” of this mutuality. The sincerity of your efforts as you sought out your own answers, triggered the recognition that there are suppositions or axioms, imperceptibly bound into the questions themselves. The structure of the language used to form the questions invisibly contains the underlying assumptions within your thinking and thereby within your beliefs. To make changes to the composition of the questions, to change the arrangement of language from the layer of conscious thinking as you understand more precisely what you are asking about and asking for, automatically reshuffles, re-configures, re-sets some of the surface, satellite, sub-beliefs that surround your core beliefs.

However vague this beginning re-organization, rearrangement of root assumptions using the conscious mind’s thinking is it has a rippling effect as it moves up through and out over the planes of each major belief system being examined. An alignment of the coordinating root assumptions naturally begins to fall into place as you learn to ask your questions from this more aware position of mind. You understand that you continue using your established beliefs even while you are trying to re-configure those same beliefs, so do continue to examine and practice your re-phrasing against the backdrop of this situation.

It was not just your intention to try and write or record our voices as these discussions that has congealed into the continuing clarity of this process between us. This comprehensibility came about before you picked up your pen, or bought your new machine. Our viably clear distinct emergence into your mind’s conscious awareness came at your direct request and persistent development. Our appearance was the natural outcome of your determined deliberate change of psychic position within the larger universe. As you literally did call, we literally did answer. Yet, in a manner, you were flabbergasted, suspicious, almost scandalized by our undeniably comprehensible arrival. You did not call expecting no one to answer. Just as your questions assumed there were answers, the very nature and intensity of your call presupposed our existence. We suggest that you play more actively, positively, joyfully at your inquiry into supposition, assumption, devising, drafting, and generating your questions.

The Speaker material that you seek is available, but you need to learn both how to ask and then how to receive it more precisely, as you are doing with this voice of ours. You early on acquired some of this material before you fully understood these methods you now use so readily. The requisite framework of your mind’s conceptual breadth was still under construction at that time, so you could not then assimilate, interpret, digest, translate, the conceptual breadth of the meaning of that material given then, or the conceptual breadth of this process between us. Now however, you are simply misunderstanding the location of that source of the material you are seeking.

Do be clear in your listening here. You comprehensively understand ourselves as this source perfectly, lest we could not be entwined in this work. It is our composition, organization, formation, our energy-designs, and power-patterns, that you are having difficulty delineating. In short, it is the conceptual shape or the inward configuration of consciousness itself, that you are struggling so valiantly to grasp.

The Speaker voices are the essence of unmanifest meanings infused in every reality’s nature, heard everywhere by all, in the humming, melodious, rambunctious creativity that teems within every life-form. As the over-voice of human nature and earth nature, those voices are written into every Self-and-self existence to be heard in those inward conversations of each of you. In this way, we are alive with the internal pulse of the generalized information that is shared in all psychic relationships and extended between the earth and all of its’ forms of consciousness. The more specific kind of information you seek comes from more acute, intense, direct and intimate inward contact, using broader, deeper, denser, layered lines and converted connections of mind’s energy. We mean converted here, in the sense that you need to convert our specific organization into a different sort of organization – your sort of organization of these same energies that we are, if you are to read that energy.

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As you are staring at the visual counterparts of these words, you can see why it is you need to understand this situation. For without a more comprehensive "picture" of your own reality of experiences to work from, you cannot learn the intricacies of adjusting your listening so that you can hear those particular speakers and groups of speakers you wish to converse with. The information you seek is there where you have not yet fully learned your psychic way to, at this same intersection that it is here within you within your world, where you also have not fully learned your psychic way to.

The conceptualizing of an overvoice that joins separate aspects of knowledge, is a fine visual and ideational composite for human mind to grasp. Yes, in answer to your query, you did hear that unison of circles in your poem, as you caught sound of the convergence of the multitude of voices that imploded into a vast connecting formation of circular knowledge, so to say. (And yes, you can include here that this is in reference to your writing of the poem “The Unison of Circles”.)

Your auditory confusion stemmed from hearing some of your verses given in various single distinct voices, different from any you had been accustomed to. You are beginning to grasp and follow your intuitions more securely in these matters. From combining your intuition and awareness, you sensed the emotional perfection of wisdom and revelation represented in those voices. You sensed the individuation of the voices as a component within a collective. Each collective voice is first chosen or elected as representative of their own specific civilization and is entrusted to speak, or hold or carry particular wisdom of a explicit nature or kind or coloration about that specific civilization they originate from. Now remember here that what we are saying is as close an approximation as in possible in your own language. In larger fact, there is not even a conceptually accurate equivalence for human mind to yet hold. That is part of what your job here is about.

However, each of these unified voices that you heard are a magnification – no, not intensification either, each is a kind of co-operatively powered reservoir, or nucleate concentration of energies. Each such (collective) voice holds more than only the accumulated information of a civilization, it holds the collated meanings and values of all civilizations. Now remember we are speaking from the viewpoint of human reality here. Each individual within their own system of reality can draw from such a collective pool of knowledge because of both the intent to profoundly experience and to wholly understand the specifics of their individual realities. This structuring is a gradient method of combining the divergent aspects and techniques that every manifest reality arises from, regardless of whose manifest reality.

This structuring of energy, the organization of Self’s inward reality that is drawn outward to become such variety of self’s multidimensional realities, is based on the desire of each reality to explore its own furthest reaches. Each such exploration is different than this of your own current version of humanity’s developmental investigation or evolution -- different than this particular path this version of humanity has chosen. However, the same psychic system which seeds all physical realities is being used, or is operationally active within every reality including your version of humanity’s reality. Do you understand?

It is that other realities use the same source material that yours does but they combine that material differently – they combine the specific attributes or the essential elements of consciousness differently than you do. They have developed different abilities and use those abilities in a different manner than your version of humankind does. Those abilities that other portional realities of Self have developed, are some of the abilities that your own version of human reality latently possess. There are further abilities, as possibilities, that human Beings have not yet biologically evolved into, or developed the physical brain structure for. If such a line of development is chosen, it will eventually lead to the unfolding of similar abilities to those of other streams of human reality, for your version of humankind. Those other Beings in those other realities are your “future ancestors”; they are some of your strongest lines of future probable development.

Their desire to help human hood is so strong they can and do raise their voices above the dream voices of your own intimate psychic explorations. Those of you who chose this physical reality to learn from and chose to align your own psychic intents with your “future ancestors” psychic intent of helping this version of human hood, have thereby set up a powerful field of psychic attraction. This is a sort of alliance of intense emotion between themselves and various aforementioned collective Speaker voices.

Such pre-aligned intentions act as a support system between your own reality and their own reality. Such pre-connections bring a brighter or stronger exchange or sharing of more than only information between realities, since the mutual meanings and values concerning Self’s multidimensional reality are now included in the information. This situation is possible only as these representatives from each reality consciously accept their knowledge of their multidimensional roots. In this manner, each reality benefits in ways that are difficult yet for you to grasp. Such a method expands the possible/probable choices for the ongoing value fulfillment of each reality. By infusing, a kind of living information into that collective pool of knowledge, a deeper pool of shared knowledge is then available, exchangeable for the development of each reality.

This is a universal pool or stream of specific, enhanced, collective information that includes the schematics for any projection of a future, as broadened lines of probabilities. When this stream of consciousness or pool of psychically imbedded information is directedly tapped into then the flow of energy between worlds is enhanced. It is because of this effort to tap into the imbedded information that is shared between realities that new directional choices are opening for you. This represents one method for each world’s inhabitants to experientially learn about their other dimensions, as they are then able to include within their personal private mind the expanded conscious awareness of new choices. Many are now sensing greater possibilities available for them to create their own personal realities, and this is directly due to this expansion of probabilities according to this process. Do you follow?


Personally: Even when you cannot quite grasp the fuller importance of, or the humanly realistic value of your own inclinations and psychic actions, you have still flowed toward, or leaned toward your self, trusting in your Self. Even when you cannot consciously seem to foresee what a given project of learning might practically produce in your life, you intuitively know there is a reason for your doing and being. Do not be surprised that your meaning resides within you in these realms that others may not readily see. This life of self-and-Self exploration is your meaning. Since you feel such an absolute necessity to discover why you are, and who you are, then do no be so amazed to find your meaning and value are of a different sort than most consciousness’ allow for, or consider.

In this regard, many people such as you are living their lives in quiet, private, exploration. Even if in problem-filled and pain-filled anonymity, they too sense a greater meaning behind their daily lives. You have often wondered why you persevered through your own worst times. You still wonder why anyone does, in the face of such gross misery as your world so often fosters. Yet, you know that your own reasons are also theirs. They too are aware there are lessons designed, self-to-Self, that exist beyond the illusions of human reality’s measure. They too understand in the deeper reaches of their Being that they have their own importance with the larger scheme of the larger reality that underlies even a human experience of plagued days.

Your personal knowledge, as you are beginning to grasp, can serve as hope and solace to others who follow forward in spite of their obstacles. After all, if you can find your own place within this context of human world, realizing your own value in the larger contexts of identity, then perhaps other seekers can do so as well. Perhaps others can also take courage and look inside their own lives, seeking their own acceptance of their own value to this worldly reality they are also immersed in. Perhaps, others can become more consciously aware of their life’s meanings in spite of circumstance, in spite of their own circumstantial views and beliefs.

Indeed, perhaps others can reason their way through personal dilemmas and afflictions to discover in themselves and for themselves, the truths about their own power and how they can use that power to construct more meaningful lives. If you can offer even one person such a glimpse of hope, such an inward view of their larger identity, you feel you will have achieved enough success to rest your heart on.

You are an idealist seeking a revolution, but (for now) you will do so in the secluded poetry of your personal creation of your self. You understand there is no other way presently, to take more effective action, than such learning, exploring, listening as this, represents.

Each member of this revolutionary council that is forming within your reality will come to this cause of human hood’s enlightenment through the inner doorways of their own mind. It is a quiet revolution. Indeed, so silent, so invisible that even those of you already embarked upon writing its agenda still sometimes believe that you hear only your own conversations.

This inward revolution has no need for revivalist hoopla. There is no need for psychic or psychologic intimidation, or fundamentalist fervor. There is no need for leaders or followers. This is a revolution of individual consciousness. Its message is not some kind of threat. As the individuals that compose conventional social structures expand their personal consciousness, those solid shapes of mind will follow along of their own accord. As each individual recognizes the value of cooperative social framework within which every individual can grow to fulfillment, the institutionalized belief systems that support such a vision will surely arise as a natural result.

This new conceptual framework for your reality will support both cell and social structure alike. From within itself such a framework will devise human society that will nurture the magnificent promise of each of its members based upon the joyous creative intent of human nature. This new system of thinking, this new conceptual paradigm, will be founded on values that allow each of its members to live in the grace of their loving and caring source of self-and Self, supporting that foundation for all of its members. Such a new pattern of consciousness’ realization (manifestation) will celebrate the true heritage of each of its’ members, as you each reside securely within your own nature of Self that is the creative individuation of All That Is.

The quiet revolution is well underway as each of you turns inward and seeks to know your self in relationship to your Self.