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Opening Minds
Games and Names
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ow: The doors are open. Indeed, the doors of your mind are open, and since you have invited us in, we do "come through" - and finally rather distinctly we might add. Your fierce intention to learn, your extreme determined questioning, your intense desire to prove out the validity of Ourselves and your own self once and for all, (even if only to yourself), these were the keys that unlocked and finally flung open your mind's doors.

You understood perfectly this venture you are set upon, as you actively sought through your everyday experiences, to demonstrate that your strength of mind, spirit and will, were real attributes of actualized accomplishment. To claim that strength, you needed to illustrate to yourself how that strength was a real living value that would see you through whatever explorations, investigations, and challenges you decided to pit yourself against. You needed to know that your stability and strength of mind, spirit and will, were bona fide, as sound and true values, as abilities that you could rely on in your daily life. You challenged yourself to develop a trust in your own inward self-nature, and to understand this nature in the context of your personal experiences, in order that you could continue on this chosen path of opening your self and your world to our conversations.

There was very much for you to overcome before you could more fully open your mind's doors. If you were to not only listen, but to hear clearly, and to accurately understand what we have to say, you needed to also overcome your fears of where this path might take you and what you might find along the way. You needed to be absolutely sure of your own voice in your own reality, firmly grounded in your own kind of physical experiences, before you could freely explore our voices within inner reality, as a part of your experiences. You also needed to be positive beyond doubt, that you could change course on this path of yours, if you chose to.

For the prize of learning, your venturesome spirit would risk the safety and security you had built within this human reality; but you would not do so until you fully trusted in your own power and intent as the purpose for that learning. Do pay attention to the last sentence. Before venturing any further along this path of our joint work here, you required a faith in your own nature in order to be certain that by exploring your own mind your would not lose your own mind.

Understanding that our voices are believed by many to be the result of a mind incapable of handling usual human reality, you set upon exactly those challenges that necessitated your firm grounding in daily human reality. As a child, your life quite literally depended upon your development of mind, spirit and will. Now, we will point out here that many involve themselves in similar scenarios where their human survival requires the development of particular personal attributes. Often illness, or dire or dangerous circumstances or events, act as a method of initiating inward questioning, an imperative towards inward learning.

Through conquering those situations that threatened your mind and spirit – indeed your human existence -- you proved your power of will, to yourself and to others – which in-and-of-itself often created even more problems for you. You still view life as though it is an earned value, rather than any sort of human right. As you overcame your terrors and traumas and built a stable life for yourself against incredible odds, you began to acknowledge strength of mind, spirit, and will, as your own sort of human prerequisite development for this development on this journey.

Now, you are chuckling as you clearly recognize your game-plan here and grasp why so very much of your life’s experiences have come to pass as they have. Your life is not only so utterly serious as you have experienced it. Life’s energy is vitally a much more playful kind of alive game, enacted to teach yourself about your self, as a power-intrinsic energy. There are always reasons – inventive, originally creative reasons – for your experiences, and those reasons are just as important to your learning and growth as are the creations themselves. That last sentence too, should be noted.

The sudden rush or jolt of energy you just felt surge through your system can be understood as the opening of a psychic-energy portal, which allowed more of our energy to quickly, joyously flow through you. You looked away from your inward stare, and out your window, and saw the trees and lawn with a vibrant clearness. Your seriousness has often closed out even your own energy’s free-flowing vibrancy to the point of constriction, where your physical world did appear fuzzy, as you were often aware of. As you have been striving at this opening of our process, you are literally refocusing the lens of your mind against your physical brain. As a result of the actualizing of inner comprehension that is occurring for you in order that you can be hearing us, there is a spill over effect of physically-tinged clarity for you, as your body interprets your psyche’s new kinds of movements here.

You are most essentially a very cautious person, and in keeping with that basic trait, you have spent more than eight of your years now, “testing” your footing on the mind’s further-reaching pathways. You have explored inward through the rhymes and thought patterns of your poetry, and even through the expansion, tautness, and emotional magnification of your relationship with your partner. You have delved into the rhythms of physical nature, from sex to spring’s emergence; from exercising to the ethereal falling of autumn’s leaves. You have inquired into every corner of your daily life, about your daily life. You knew you were learning. You have not until now declared yourself, with your own voice -- this voice of your learning.

We speak to you. We also listen to you. We have heard your needs and your dearest desires. We have waited, and of course will wait for as long as is necessary for you to be ready for this lesson – even forever. We understand that you needed to be certain of this point as well.

We cannot speak to you with commandments, for you finally understand that you are your own life’s Speaker and command your self through your Self, giving your own life’s voice its distinct tone and volume. Neither can we direct you, for you understand that you are your own life’s director.

We are The Speakers. We are the voice of the origins of your intellect. We are the immanent source of the race of mind that is called human mind. We are the inner voice of the human race as you are a species of focus, a species of consciousness, and a species of reality. We are the voice of your earthly existence and we speak through the eternal mind as the voice of cells and springs alike; the voice of stones and stirring winds; the voice of the human heart and the human purpose. We hear the exuberance of your joys and the spell of your sorrows, for they were once our own. We hear the tears of your disappointments and successes, for we too once followed such strivings. In our own ways, we used your space and time, and like you, we once learned our lessons in a context of your dear earth’s reality. Our ways were different and our course took us in other directions than these that human-hood are presently embarked upon. Yet the spiritual motive, the originating power that propelled us, is the same impetus that now propels you along your course of earthly human venture -- the same purpose of evolvement’s exploration, though we have traveled different paths.

We have spoken to humankind since the beginning of your time, throughout your human history. Our history was not your history. Our experiences upon the earth were not and are not the same as yours. We took a different direction of development. We are the vine and your are the leaf. We are the roots and you are the vine. Roots grow deep and vines grow many tendrils. All are nourished, nurtured, through your earth. Growth is its own intention.

Now, you did hear correctly last evening. We do understand your reluctance to accept this name you long ago asked for, but you did hear it correctly. We will send you another name if you wish yet Athena is more apt than you realize. The association with fertility could be understood as the fertility of mind, thought, and all manner of psyche’s creativity. Fittingly, what more useful art would you claim for yourself, than that of wisdom, and would the art of wisdom not be a kind of prudent warfare indeed – both in your personal and your worldly context. This name is not as grandiose or aggrandized a notion, as you seem to think.

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You worry. Your head aches from such juggling of focus and idea. Your mental footwork literally makes you dizzy. There is no need for this. You are entirely capable of this task of listening, translating, learning, and understanding that you have set for yourself. After all, you have spent this lifetime and more, preparing, practicing the intricate maneuvering of your own thinking and voice amidst the traffic of our many energies and voices. You have already made your decisions and will push forward through your fear of ridicule, seeing the doubts of others with a compassion that you could not before have had. Such doubts, derision, disdain, were once experiences of your own imposition. You have taught yourself to have compassion for other’s struggles toward these opening doors of their own minds. You have given yourself strength. You are not responsible for what others think or believe concerning our work, for each will perceive us as they choose to – as they learn to. You cannot change anyone’s perception of our reality or our purpose. Your worry matters not one wit to the integrity of our material.

We are The Speakers. It is our tradition to pass on our assistance through the living voice. It is our tradition and while we are not your direct ancestors, our voice is your heritage. Through our shared love of your planet, our shared reverence for your earth, we joyously share our knowledge of your inward history with you.