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No Ordinary Day
by The Speakers
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ow: We were speaking to you off camera about your future and how you were thinking of this term as if it is an inert object. We were reminding you that your future is the energy field that is continually projected out from each of you. The future is very much alive - a living view, not an inert thing. Your future is alive by virtue of more than just your own living energy of human self. Each of you will read that as you may.

In this immediate time frame of your listening and conversing with us, you are also running off from this machine to hang your washing on the clothesline, converse with George as he is outside gardening, and even stop to make a phone call to have your eyes checked. Our conversations here connected to the context of human experience. You know that you are carrying out these tasks alongside the finely, constantly re-focusing of your many layers of consciousness in order to continue to hear us until you return to this machine to write us into these words. In this way, you are the choreographer of your mind's energy.

While such personal comments may seem unimportant, peripheral, unnecessary, empty information to some of you, they are actually of intrinsic value in helping you understand our material. Such seemingly superfluous information helps to trigger each individual's own flow of inward energy for their own inside-to-outside understandings. (We are aware that we are repeating this explanation from many of our other conversations.) We include these sorts of passages because we are also always aware that each of you who read these words is doing so at some future point of your own. Much of the inward immediacy of felt values within our conversations is lost to human-hood because of the operational element of time within human reality. Yet, that immediacy of inward values is essential for your deeper understanding of yourselves, as well as this material. For it is your own richly emotional, tonally vibrant, immediate experience that informs both of Self and the self of each of you, concerning every aspect of your experience.

As you (this typing self) have concluded, you cannot ever experience us, or experience the reading of this information we try to convey through these conversations, in the same manner that others do. For you, we are an ever flowing, ever present, living experience within your own daily context. Yet for others we are a future experience yet to be arrived at within their own daily context. It is always our hope, that by inserting your own life's contextual textures into this material, that others can come to more easily grasp the manner of their own Self's continual conversations with themselves.

With this method, we try to insert the vibrancy of these present conversations into the "future-present", as such exists for each of you that reads this. You are each meant to fit your own real days of human life's experiences into and around and through the self-to-Self relationship, until you are immersed in your own living's constantly more expansive experiences just as this writer is and must be, for this work. You need not strictly "sit and listen" in order to experience your inward Self's communications. Indeed it is hoped that each of you, through your daily living, is pushing back the boundaries of your human mind; pushing back the invisible walls between the self of human consciousness and experience, and the Self of psychic-spiritual, incorporeal kinship of larger consciousness and experience.

There is always much more to your experiences of reading this material of ours than simply its apprehensible, conscious, information. We often remind you that we are also a living energy, alive in the spacious present that includes all future. As each of you involves yourselves in reading this material, you put forth a necessary effort to conceptualize the meanings we are here trying to impart. Such effort activates both conscious and less conscious levels of your Being towards the shared goal of your understanding more than simply our words. You are actually involved in a broad, active proposition of multi-layered experiences that takes you into the intimate and more emotionally felt realms of yourselves. You are involved in something quite different than reading only through the intellect, skimming across the surface of mind.

Perhaps you think that somehow we could just ask you to undertake such a learning effort. Some of you are learning how to give such a conscious directive for your learning, initiating the multi-leveled experiences of both self, and Self into more than only the simple comprehending of surface information. In a manner, of course we are asking each of you to make this effort. Through the efforts of your own dear self, each of you that is here reading, has found your way into this private sanctuary of these conversations. Within this context then, you can experience your self striding through the deepening forests of these words and questioning up the rugged mountains of these concepts we try to actualize into ever illuminating experiences for you.

Our dear typist is somewhat annoyed with us, as she had in her mind an effort to hear our current conversation with an over-riding appeal to us to "stick to a given subject". The subject of our conversations is always adhered to -- as she so well knows; the subject is always the relationship of Self-and self as an identity that is within the hands of each of you to learn of. For it is through this relationship that you each have a hand in shaping human future, shaping human evolvement, claiming and experiencing your own part of the creative energy that is infinite existence beyond your human boundaries of bone and brain. It is through this relationship of the corporeal to the incorporeal of all experience, that your future (which is where we stepped into this conversation) continues to be a part of both your human sort of reality and the reality of All That Is.

We ask each of you to consider your future, just as our friend here was doing when we met on "this-morning's path" and paused to converse onto these pages. Do you think of your future as an inert object that you can somehow "create" ? What do you mean when you think this? What is this act of creation that more and more of human-hood is becoming increasingly enthralled with? Yet, while so much of human-hood is enthralled by this concept, human reality continues to speak loudly of its operational enslavement to concepts of opposing values and ventures; bent to the destruction of itself and its world; bound to an irrational pursuit of dominaton as a method for its survival. We assure each of you that only as the energy of each of you thrives past such concepts, will humanity continue its existence into any sort of human future. We have much discussed these matters with our friend here. The need now is for each of you to discuss these matters with each other.

The information currently being brought into your world as psychic explanation is being interpreted through the conceptual abilities of human mind -- just as this information is. That means that all psychically obtained information is produced complete with the current conceptual pardigms, or the prevailing conceptualizations, of human power-identity. It means that since all in-flowing information comes
some individual human mind, it is shaped through precisely individual meaning and personally comprehendible context.

We ask each of you to discern for yourselves, just who is the Listener and who is the Speaker, of all information. Our only comment is to remind you that each of you is responsible, and intimately and ultimately accountable -- for your own beliefs. That accountability is understood through the realization - the reality - of what those beliefs become designed -- created -- into; first as your own individual, personal realit and then as the reality of your planet. The only question to ask is if any new version and vision of reality presented to you, including this one, is of living, present, support for humanity and its world. We are speaking here in terms of both your physical, and psychic-spiritual existence in your own Here-and-Now. We hope you realize that is a much more significant proposition tan it may first appear to be.

We bid you good night. We are all still on the same mind-ways.