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Ask Yourself First
by The Speakers
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ow then: You have been aware, over these last few weeks, of much sleep-work with us. You are working with very many connected ideas–as is your usual way. One of these ideas is that of long held problem of trying to find a definitive stance-a defining explanation of our work with you (that is, as opposed to simply an explanation of process). You heard us, for the first time so far as you recognized, clearly “decline” a certain explanatory proposition you were considering and asking for our help with this. You instantly realized that such a declining on our part was indeed hilarious while hearing it, brought into clear focus so much of your own knowledge. This was funny to you from the point of view of understanding that while you are less consciously aware of so very much about the ways this relationship of ours with you works, you do of course always “follow the rules” so to say -- albeit with little thought about those rules. You caught yourself breaking those same rules in a way that was quite absurd, and so funny, since you obviously know better. Indeed, you well know that we do not work in some way that simply hands over your answers just because you are asking. You know this is not how our relationship works, for you are very well aware that you often ask us something or other, and meet up with a certain brand of exterior or more consciously clear quiet. We sometimes seem somehow silent to you from your more externalized conscious human focus of mind. You know that we are still involved somehow and are not really ignoring you in silence. You know that we are concerned, yet you do not feel or hear us in any clear fashion, either as this worded work, or as our joint, less focused off camera discussions. So, even while you get no clear answers in any of the more direct manners we use between us, still, you register our presence. We are always part of your sleep-work and your psychic-exploratory work as part of our relationship and discussions in those other states of mind as you relate with your own Self .

We have very often indeed seemingly “declined” many of your human conscious self’s initiated questions in exactly this manner, as we are quite quiet to your conscious mind. Last week, as you put in such a clearly focused and worded request for our assistance (and for the first time clearly heard us decline), you realized instantly and consciously what had happened. And as you realized this, you understood how very funny the situation of so absolutely hiding or forgetting your own good knowledge was.

When yourself, or any one of you, is seeking assistance, there is no other route except through your own relationship with your very own self-nurturing Self. When we converse here, or even when we are involved with yourself “off-camera” at less-clear conscious and even seemingly almost unconscious levels, we do so only as such is agreed to and allowed for from your first line of inquiry with your Self. Your intimate pathway here, and to all situations of our involvement, is always first through the opening of your self to your Self. Now that is well enough known, and you have often heard us suggest to you that the needed path is first “to ask your “Self” and open your seeking from that stance.

Of course this little episode was absurdly funny to you from many levels as you recognized just how invisibly you can “forget” your own knowledge on so many levels. You also saw just how absurd your request to us for such a definitive answer/assistance was in light of your knowing that your answers come to you – even with our assistance – only by way of you doing your own work of thinking, organizing, clarifying, positing and in every manner involving your self with your Self in your seeking. This is a given for each of you, whether it is consciously understood and consciously initiated and engaged in or not. Now that is a “piece of information” for all of you and for each of you to digest. This is so, as a factual inward event, no matter how you hide this from yourselves, working as if you do not know this and then writing your own blindness into to your stories as though it does not happen this way. This is how so many of you think and promote the notion of inward information simply “coming” to you, as if from a magical Self that would simply “tell” you your answers.

This operational, self determined blindness is also at the heart of much of your misconceptions about simultaneous time, and your misunderstanding and so your muddles and mishandling of your time. As go the conceptual inaccuracies so goes the created inaccuracies. That is what chameleonization is about.

For you, yourself, this little episode of our “declining” instantly became even funnier as you realized that from this very experience you got your answer – both from yourself and for yourself. You clearly realized that this experience, is the meaning or the learning of the lessons about how the answers you seek are within the seeking itself – the knowledge is within the effort of your learning. In a very cogent, fitting manner, you had the answer you were seeking so far as finding your own understanding through your experience, of the exact articulation, wording, and most importantly the exact meaning of this work we do here on these pages with you. This is a fine practical example of what we are all, always about – quite literally.

As a private note here: indeed, you are most welcome to share this conversation with the person that helped trigger it for you. We hope it will be of assistance in a closer understanding for all of you. We will indeed, NOW, continue to supportively participate in exactly what you were asking for, so far as an opening or introduction or explanation of our work. You fully realize – that is most clearly and consciously realize what it is we mean when we say to you “you are asking the wrong source – you need ask yourself first”. For as you ask your conscious self your clear questions, thinking things through, and making every conscious effort to understand, that is the only opening into the deeper reality of your self-and-Self, wherein your own greater, good answers reside.