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Foundations, Walls and Windows of Opportunity
by The Speakers(4.28.86)
Accountable Accounts and Responsible Responses to
Questions about questions and Choices about choices
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(Part one of three)

hile "good morning" is a more customary greeting for you, "Now" has become a psychic cue initiating the focus of mind you use for this work. So we can say "Good morning, Now"? You are wondering if there is an exact, best way to ask for assistance, (your Self’s or Ours’) since several evenings ago we discussed our willingness to assist you within the framework of the Self-to-self agreement when you ask.

Many people are involved in this sort of asking for assistance and are inquiring into the creation of personal events, just as you are. They too want to learn the principles and the processes for manifesting, manufacturing, producing their private desires into their daily reality, and they will easily relate to this conversation. (We will be discreet about your own personal specifics here if you wish, but of course there is an intimate angle precipitating this discussion just as there always is for each of you, as you privately invite your Self’s help. Inward dialogue always stems from personal concerns and queries.

Last week we told you that you are quite free to ask for assistance from any and every corner of "reality" you learn to contact. We pointed out that you are not expected, from any quarter, to thrash about trying to find your answers in the vast open fields of mind, like a lone soul searching the stretching prairie, in forlorn solitude. None of you are expected to rely solely on your human self of human mind and consciousness to learn - anything.

You are acutely unaccustomed to help, and especially assistance that comes with no "strings" attached, no ulterior motives or obligating expectations. You distrust such offers of "free" aid (for very good reasons), and even this open offer of our help, still sometimes makes you uneasy. You have long refused situations where you risk indebtedness that you think you cannot appropriately reciprocate or repay, understanding the foundations of equity are operationally rooted in free choice.

The basis of your skepticism concerning "help" is the same rationale as your resolve to support your growth by protecting your freedom to learn - and so, assure that you can claim your learning as your own truths. You will not knowingly compromise your freedom to choose, jeopardizing your development. One of the necessary strands of Self-to-self learning in your early life was a provisional grasp of how free choice is related to equity.

Your early life-experience graphically taught you about the operational realities of these concepts of free choice and fairness or justice and how these ideas are practically related. Finally, now, you have come to a clear conscious recognition of the origins and reasons for your reservations and reticence toward "help", and why this work - your psychic-spiritual development - requires a certain kind of freedom from psychologic, relational obligation. This is a not so small an answer to a quirky self-mystery.

We are not saying you require an independence from relationships. Rather we are saying that you require a freedom from manipulative chameleon relationships that falsely obligate you psychologically and compel you, or coerce you, emotionally. The pitfalls - the inward cost of all manner of emotional and psychologic subterfuge is fundamentally contrary to the self-to-Self inside-out development, personally for each of you, as well as collectively for all of you. Do examine the individual and social nuances here. While in ideal terms, the self-to-Self relationship would be a foregone operational absolute of honest and open mutuality, that is not the case for most of you - yet. This is something for each of you to recognize.

Manipulation, as we are using it here, is layered chameleonized deception for the vested interests of others, and the resulting machinations of misguided obligation and false guilt, are a ruse. In this use, misrepresentation is a method of manipulation - it is a disruption, a deflection of aim designed as a ploy, intended to trick. Manipulation is a process, or an activity, calculated to disturb, agitate, confuse - in some manner obscure the truth of things. Manipulation is psychological and emotional misdirection that creates vulnerability, and sets open the way to others domination. The base intent of all manipulation is to effect profound doubt, deep mistrust of self-to-Self, and then self to other selves that renders the self-to-Self power of the individual, impotent.

When such an inward turmoil of mind and upset of emotion is intentionally manufactured, then, what is known from intuition and inward understanding becomes confused with outward experience (as the externalized surface of events and feelings); and such upheaval or chaos is intended to thwart enlightenment. Enlightenment requires knowledge. Enlightenment requires truth. Deception and domination cannot exist in the light of knowledge and truth.

We suggest that each of you look into your personal relationships with others from this precise point of clearer private view. Then, as you peer into the general social-cultural, political, educational, religious, scientific, and psychological-philosophical power structures of your world-at-large, you will be able to clearly track your own understanding of this rationale. These "systems of thinking" are the power patterns of conceptual paradigms that drive action - both individually and collectively.

Where manipulation and deception foster ignorance and devolution (*** meaning degeneration), honesty and truth foster development and enlightenment. The first is a domination-subordination paradigm of power, while the second represents the mutuality of the self-to-Self power-pathway possible for humanity’s development.

Inward freedom is an operational necessity for this work. Inward freedom is the natural psychic-spiritual atmosphere as the psychological-emotional understructure that supports human mind and consciousness in its’ explorative relationship to source Mind and Consciousness. (We have much to discuss regarding inward freedom, both as the impetus for uncensored mind, and as the product of uncensored mind.)

We did not say inward freedom is the currently existent operational atmosphere-of-mind for general humankind. That is not the case for humanity - and this is precisely the reason we are engaged in these conversations with you.

You intuitively make the necessary choices that will maintain the inward freedom you need for this work. As much as is reasonably possible for you in your daily life, you stay clear and free of relationships where you recognize others are using their own expectations, opinions, judgements desires or self-interests as deliberate, power-maneuvering interference, disruption or redirection. (Yes, of course such manipulation can just as easily come from someone trying to cast you as their villain - as it can come from someone trying to cast you as their victim.)

You realized long ago that subversive relationships on any level are a matter of understanding "intention" on every level of self-to-Self experience - your own and others. (We also have much to discuss concerning this concept.) However, here in this instance of your work with us, you recognize the need to remain detached or outside of any sorts of deliberate restrictions, distractions or interference with your personal path of psychic evolution. You will not allow others to "meddle" in your psychic development, so to say, if you become aware that is their intention; you recognize that few indeed have any expertise with what you are set about.

Such a protectionist psychology creates a kind of psychic distancing from others that actually helps you maintain a certain open, stable emotional communication between self-and-Self, that is necessary for this work. The ease of psychic-emotional interplay needed for this work comes from this inward stance of psychic freedom.

Your past has taught you the need to refuse to be held responsible for others’ views of reality - to refuse to be caught up in others’ emotional strings where you become afraid to hear what you "hear - here". Fear of how others may perceive this information or be affected by this information, cannot be the driver for this learning of psychic expanse.

It is time to go "back to the future"; back to "finding" yourselves as a You need not hold yourself responsible - as if to be "forced" into feeling guilty - over triggering others’ lessons through this work; especially since such a large part of the purpose of our discussions is exactly the specific inward triggering of self-to-Self learning - meant to assist each of you. What others do, or do not do, with what we offer here, is up to them - not up to you - beyond your striving to hear us accurately and translate us scrupulously - and understand skillfully, on your own level of learning.

You know full-well that other’s self-structured identity and reality are as dear to them as yours are to you, and that others will hold onto their own egocentric constructions just as tightly as you do. Others will also erect their own kind of protectionist walls and involve themselves in their own kinds of self-to-Self power struggles drawn from their own kinds of misunderstandings. So, others will need to make their own choices for their own freedom - for their own selfhood of enlightenment; and for the learning that comes about by opening their own "can of worms". You are not expected to decide others’ fate - even while you may well see it as clearly as their choices project it - and even as clearly as you see your own.

You walk a fine line between others’ views and ideas of yourself and your own intimate daily truths about your own experience as a self-and-Self identity. We are aware that you have consciously decided you can no longer comfortably continue to keep so obviously silent, in all quarters, about your psychic progress and your clearer inward intention to undertake this work with us. While you love your friends dearly, you have decided you cannot keep (or more accurately pretend to keep) your self-to-Self development silently "under wraps" so to say; at least not from those who believe that they know you best.

Certainly, from early life, you most deliberately drew boundaries around various aspects of your self, as you struggled to safely open each new door of your psychic development. For these years, since you left the everyday work place and began this more conscious apprenticeship preparing for this new career as this Listener, you have particularly delimited (set boundaries to) various portions of your selfhood. It was as if to say that some aspects of your self were shareable while other views were not. Lately, you have come to realize there has quite unintentionally and inadvertently built up around you, a subtle psychic camouflage of your "real" Self-and-self.

This is actually quite a common consequence for very many of you, as you explore your own steps along your private inward paths, perhaps just as unintentionally and inadvertently building walls between various aspects of your self, and then between your selves and others. This scenario applies in any and every field of self-expanding endeavors where emerging abilities are understood as initially fragile, tender and needing your self’s protection while in the vulnerable stages of manifesting your magic - making your inward life-energy patterns "real".

Such walling in and walling off, is reasonable construction when it is understood as Self-to-self help, and grasped as a method for building sturdy self-to-Self foundations. This walling off can be acknowledged as Self assistance, when it's aim is openly understood; when the eventual use of such walled off construction is meant as a building block in your purposeful selfhood of enlightened living.

As this self, using this construction method, you could privately hold back, keep in or shield your intimate personal transformation of changing identity, safeguarding your gathering knowledge and growing abilities; even if you needed the pretenses of limiting beliefs to do so. As if to cloak your certitude of the creative re-naming of self into self-and-Self, you patterned yourself a costume of self doubt. We ask each of you to fill in your own specific personal "limiting beliefs" here, so that you can see in your own behavior the exact reasons, "ways and means", underlying such walled off construction of your own.

When you delve into the intentions underlying such activity and discover for yourselves just what such activity is real-ly about, you can then use the insights of such private information to empower yourselves. With the realization that these walls have in some manner, been your own creations as momentarily needful choices, ask yourselves if you have built walls to close yourself in and close others out, or walls that represent windows of opportunity for your safe growth. Have you built structures to help you grow into your own power and strength to enact your selfhood more clearly and keenly? Have you built structures you are now ready to transform/dismantle, understanding they have served their first purposes? Ask your self about what you have been building - and why you have been building it.

In this immediate exploration of honest inward inquiry here, no one will know if you answer back truthfully or answer back with pretense and foolery - no one will know but your Self-and-self. (Of course, this is only from your current viewpoint of human mind's usual attention-focus.)

As your Self opens its’ inward doors more fully to your self, offering inward assistance for you to understand what you have been doing and why, then in a manner the jig is up - and you are each faced with your own version of our friend’s dilemma. For you are faced with persisting and insisting on your current choice in full view of your new self-to-Self knowledge, or, choosing some different behavior as a more fitting reflection of what you have now learned, and understand.

You, our colleague, understood that you needed a very specialized set of circumstances to pursue your deeper goals, both on the inside and on the outside. You required the physical aspects of extended periods of time and seclusion that provide a kind of psychic isolation and privacy in order to go about your progressive inward development. Yet, however tenuously, you also needed to maintain at least some contact with the exterior world and take whatever comforts are possible for you, from there. You do know that this fulfillment, this appearance of our selves as this voice, is the culmination of all of those outwardly curious choices you kept making towards the maintenance of this inwardly balanced biosphere.

In inward reality, your friends understand this situation, each in their own way from their own deeper aspects. In many ways, this protecting has been as much for others’ good, as for your own. For their own reasons, each of your friends needed you to be as reticent about these matters as you were - until now. Of course, your decisions about these individual situations are personal choice. Yet, these decisions are not as private or exclusive a choice as you like to imagine. There is much more communication goes on under the surface than most of you wish to yet acknowledge.

Even while you recognized these long standing charades, until now you have been unwilling to face the fears that are always a woven strand of impetus in these situations. Lately your letter writing has been off-centered - deliberately out of kilter, with odd phraseology and juxtaposed ideas; and you often converse "off on a tangent". You are trying to ease the way, prepare others for this more comprehensive view of your self-and-Self that you have been building - but in a way concealing.

You could not endure a world where no friendship was allowed to enrich the ground of your heart and mind - and you could not face being rebuffed, or ridiculed by those you care for - again. You could not bear the possibility of the soul-destroying mockery, derision, contempt and disdain that had been your constant experiences of childhood. As long as our voice went unheralded, unproclaimed even to yourself, as our singular public or even to you and George together, as our greater audience, you could continue to quietly and almost secretively progress safely toward this goal.

Only lately have you been questioning this choice with its situational emotional result. While you did not actively seek to deceive anyone, you are coming to realize that you have not been entirely candid (with those closest to you) either. And while you did have valid reasons for your previous construction choices, you are now questioning their continued necessity and benefit.

There is indeed still a possibility you may be turned-out of some of your long-time friendships, misunderstood, and in fact almost turned-against, by some of those you care about. At the very least, you may be relegated to the erudite hinterland of the arcane and insignificant by those who cannot themselves yet grasp what these efforts of yours have led you to, here - or why you are involved in this activity.

However, our point here is that you are experiencing a general inward impulse to be more open. You are registering an inward stimulus or pressure to be more broadly forthright - regardless of the repercussions on either the personal or the more public plane. Until now, you were unwilling to take these risks in either personal or general ways. This guardedness reflected a lingering insecurity that originated from living so long with a very real fear for your physical safety.

Your feelings of safety still rest somewhat upon your freedom to provide yourself with a physical environment of "safe conditions". You understand such freedom of choice as part of the conjoined foundation that makes inward growth contingent on exterior, manifest, human, physical reality, and then vise versa, so that you operate as a single human existence out of bi-focused choice.

The simplest most fundamental choices, from those concerning your physical safety to those concerning your psychological and emotional survival - are all highly valued by you. You know the cost and the worth of both external and internal freedom, having intimately learned in depth, the lessons of "mite versus right" from both angles. (For the rest of you, please do think through your own specific ideas of "freedom" being from these same two personal angles of your private experiences).

Your early life-lessons gave you the knowledge and experience to realize the precise life-structures, both inward and outward, necessary for this work of ours. Those early lessons helped shape your heart, giving it the contours of both compassion and determination necessary for this work. That beginning drove you forward, urging, enticing - in every manner challenging you to create more life-supportive systems of belief (and thereby patterns of action, behavior, relationship - interaction); first for your self-reality, and then for human-hood's reality. All experience went toward building the foundation or the framework of this individual selfhood that could support this eventuality of our appearance, here-and-now.

Sometimes it seems like you have watched from the outside, as your strength of mind and heart grew. You grew yourself into this "new you," willing to risk whatever is needed to help create a new path, a new method, a new philosophy, psychology, spirituality - a new ideal for humankind's comprehensive development. Until you had learned those early lessons, you could not find this pathway toward this fulfillment. This is not an idle point for any of you in considering your intimately personal paths and purposes, as you peer into the meaning of your own lives.

Last evening you said to George, "Isn't it funny how life has turned outů?" - and immediately realized that certainly your human lives are not finished and "life" as Consciousness, is never finished - and so it does not really "turn out" - funny or otherwise. You well know that a human lifetime does not somehow just "turn out" this way or that way. Human lifetime takes its ever-present shape from the multitude of minor decisions that constantly produce fresh opportunity. As you choose, you direct your own learning, shaping the specific experiences or experiential answers to your personal questions of how to create a knowledge-full self-to-Self reality.

George and you have carved this very shape out of your inner struggles of mind and heart - out of the beliefs that led to decisions as choices made by each of you, that taught you the particular lessons that you now take for granted. It often seems to both of you as though your knowledge is of some un-earned sort, as if you gained it or were given it, from in the inside, out into your conscious minds, without your own obvious conscious effort or participation. We are glad that each of you is coming to understand the reality as opposed to the fictions of such "sentences". (Do you like our turn of words and meanings here?)

Continued after a short break:

Now, back to the original theme of this discussion, accountability and responsibility for directing your questions and choices. We are aware that this material is "hitting home" for you as immediate personal, situational reality, from so many angles. To some of your lately distressed queries about why your development often seems stymied and blocked in so many directions, we are only here reminding you that you have your reasons for the delays in your development, even when you dare not admit those reasons into your awareness - yet. You DO recognize this truth behind your own choices.

You would do well to continue your efforts to solve some of your "real life" dilemmas from within your intimate self-to-Self relationship. As usual, the solution is in the lesson and the "lesson is in the experience of the learning". Experience is both a method and a measure for your growth and learning.

Do not be so certain of the outcome of these situations of disclosure with your friends. Each of you has your own free will, as we often remind you. In this regard, you cannot know what others choices and decisions in the future will be, as an absolute. The free will of others, like your own freewill, is alive within your learning and that learning then goes into shaping that future. For "Future" is not a preordained outcome or product, destined to come about precisely thus-and-so, even when you accurately and acutely project present positions forward. Your reality allows "time" to provide added information for the constant formulating of your answers, as any situation develops. Lest you could not "change" the future at all. (Yes, we will discuss this "at length, in due course").

You are not beyond being surprised. Surprise comes to you - surprise is possible for you, from the fact of free will, or because free will does operate for each and every one of you. Because of the operation of individual free will, each of you can factor the meaning of your own singular individuality that you understand as this specific named person-hood, into the self-to-Self equation within every experience of human lifetime. We mean, free will is a part of the operating method for learning in each reincarnate experience that is considered as a separate lifetime. Each lifetime lived represents its own meaning added into the tapestry of Self’s Reality, enriching the multi-dimensions and expanded layers of knowledge that compose your Selfhood. Do you grasp what we are saying to you here?

We can advise you only that you learn your lessons in order to USE what you learn in more than only this life's practical everyday living. Your learning in this lifetime is used toward grander pursuits than simply the more gratifying, or enhanced or satisfying single-life-layered experiences of this everyday life.

In this personal situation of your relationships with your friends, this learning can help you be gentle and loving toward those people who have treated you with kindness and care - regardless of your differences. (Perhaps this does sound like your "golden rule", but is that really such an unwise adage?)

As you begin to soar through the further reaches of self-and-Self’s mind-ways and Reality’s expanse, many more of your choices are becoming much more consciously apparent to you. You are consciously acknowledging more of your mental processing. As you hold your own mind’s workings up to your own conscious scrutiny, you push back the darkness of unknowing, push through the muddle of misconceptions and past the miasma of misunderstanding.

Do not hold the more conscious angles of self, responsible for the choices made (or not made) by the less consciously aware, more egocentrically driven angles of self. (Do pay attention to your capitalization here.) The angles of your more conscious judgement are not meant to mete out punishment to the whole human self - as if to hold one angle of yourself responsible for the actions of another angle, and then castigate all angles of yourself! Such a misunderstanding of self-responsibility is not only a misinterpretation of the mutuality between angles, focuses and aspects of mind - it is also a misrepresentation of that mutuality that is the heart of the self-to-Self relationship. Such judging of self-to-self is a judging of the angles of your own mind, and now, (in light of this information and your own growth) is not a truthfully accurate reflection or conclusion of your own learning.

It is neither possible nor necessary to extract self’s or Self’s goodness, from your self-to-Self, in such a way. The constancy of your learning and the consistency of gained knowledge that invisibly weaves your "live" reasoning, is not meant to be used as some sort of justification for this egocentric-angle-of-you, to now inflict a counterfeit guilt and mistrust upon any angle of your self, or Self.

Such a way of thinking or such a way of grasping, is chameleon, for it is actually a distortion of understanding; it is a twisting or malformation - a perverting or deforming or warping of inward, original meaning. Whether deliberate or inadvertent, such misinterpretation is a corruption of the inward truth of self-reality. When the processes of self-to-Self evolvement are (however unwittingly), so misread, then such misunderstanding perpetuates its underlying inaccurate, erroneous concepts of self-to-Self power - from which it grew - into that same error-manifest, reality.

This kind of reasoning, that has you using newly learned knowledge to turn back upon yourself and blame yourself or berate yourself for what you did not know before you consciously learned it, leads you farther from your goals of enlightenment - not closer. To indulge in such responses of false self-blame and false self-guilt, is to continue to try and hide inside your ignorance when that ignorance no longer exists! You know better; and now clearly see that such behavior does not serve your aims. There is no such judgement of this sort, nor guilt, blame or shame, needed for true self-to-self or self-to-Self learning - even when you acknowledge your own choice to follow through with an error or knowingly reproduce a chameleon creation!

We suggest to all of you that you begin to free yourselves from such erroneous concepts of the power that is self’s nature and Self’s Nature. You are all entirely capable of understanding that such emotional responses are neither truthful nor responsible manifestation/reflection of your self-to-Self identity. The precise self-to-Self paths of individual personal learning are exactly as intricate and uniquely formulated between the self that is this you and the Self of your origin. There is no "one size fits all" of self-to-Self learning! We can only suggest that NOW is always a good time to put your new beliefs into the personal action that shines Self’s light onto the human path that your self is determined to take toward its own greatest good.

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