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Foundations, Walls and Windows of Opportunity
by The Speakers(4.28.86)
Accountable Accounts and Responsible Responses to
Questions about questions and Choices about choices
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(Part two of three)

n our introduction work, we indicated that collective Human-hood decided at its advent, on an arbitrary division of its energy-of-mind that you accept as operational partitioning into conscious and subconscious, or unconscious arenas of mind.  Humankind inwardly designed, and then accepted as common self-experience, the functional division of its own mind-power.  Human-hood did this because it needed an underlying format or an organizing outline or a "lesson plan" for its practical creating; human-kind devised itself a practical plan for physically manifesting its own learning that is an effective way to track its own progress of that learning.

So, Humankind decided this arrangement as a learning-plan for itself.  Inwardly, collective humanity designated these general "rules" or these "operating divisions" of mind, as a method of shaping, delineating, directing, its (humanity's) own collective learning.  Humankind did this as a method - as a practical, manifest experience for itself so it could grow its mind power - to grow into its own amazing POSSIBILITIES of its own creative power of mind and consciousness.  This is still precisely, what humankind is doing - it is growing into itself - growing into its cognitive creative power of self-to-Self hood, as an ever-expanding expression of the infinite energy that is Consciousness.

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We said, humankind collectively decided - we did not say humankind consciously decided.  For assuredly, humankind's collective interactions and group choices do not guarantee that any sort of group actions or decisions or behavior, are actually aware, or clearly informed, understood, or even realistically knowledgeable, interactions and choices, made byany group.  Truly, the knowledge of one person does not necessarily translate - yet - into the knowledge of any collective or group of people, in these terms of the consciousness. 

Your current, world experiences and reality should show you the truth of this proposition.  Organized religion is certainly a case where a group has collectively decided upon and undertaken activities, while person-by-person there is often little informed, clearly conscious knowledge about the meaning or the consequences of the group's decisions and actions.  Using this example of religion, the adoption of precise, specific beliefs are often embraced by "believers", while the outcome of that action of adopting those beliefs, is often not clearly understood, thought through, or plainly reasoned-out, within the collective awareness.

The conscious understanding of the consequence of the action, or the "consciousness" of the outcome derived directly from that action of holding, endorsing, supporting, those beliefs, is not clear to the people who have undertaken the holding of those beliefs.  The linkage - or the "awareness" that shows a link between the beliefs held and the outcome of the actions, reactions and interactions that arise because of the beliefs held, is not within the area of human mind you call "conscious mind".  The human mind is not "conscious" of this information.  The collective decision is made, but that does not guarantee that there is any "collective consciousness", as a collective awareness of the MEANING of that decision, that registers the "collective result" that flows from the people who make that decision.  Do you follow this?

This realization of the mind's ability to become consciously aware of information that it was not previously consciously aware of has been a well-disguised lesson - well hidden learning for humanity as a whole or "collectively".  This knowledge can inform humanity about its own original systems of human creation, when humanity decides it is ready to see such a truth.

This agreement (of the collective consciousness to divide its own mind-power) became the formula for human understanding of its own mind-power.  This inward arrangement of the human experience of itself into such a divided reality of itself, served human-hood's purposes perfectly in THAT now of humanity's educational intentions for itself - as we have previously discussed with you.  Remember here, that such an arrangement created the experiences that flowed from it - as the universally perceived division of mind.  We mean that the individually moveable or mobile dividing-line between the clearly conscious and the subconscious (or unconscious) human mind generated the experiences of mind's division that grew out of the directional choices that humankind made for human evolution.

Many of human-hood's most perplexing, seemingly contradictory experiences can be traced to this humanly directed evolutionary mandate (of mind's operational division).

When humanity is ready to understand, then humanity will understand as a whole, that your reality has not been created by "god" or the "devil" -or only by human mind.  These conversations of ours are aimed at preparing humanity for such recollecting.

One way for each of you to trace this initial undertaking of human learning, is to question your own understanding of the notion of "awareness" or consciousness.  Once you become "aware" of something, this means you have shifted the boundary - however minutely - of what you understand as "un-conscious" mind, expanding your thinking as a consciously extended process of mind.  What do each of you think happens when you become consciously, clearly aware of what you had been previously unconscious or unaware of?

Much individual and universal misinterpretation of human experience can now be clearly informed by humanity's "re-collecting" its own mind-power from the fragmenting, or dividing of human identity that followed from this original choice of human kind's procedural separation of mind. These self-imposed divisions of mind and spirit functionally separated human mind and spirit as a psychological tack for humankind's own development.  This stemmed from humanity's own decisions about its own learning.

Humanity has operationally, and therefore literally, forgotten its own intentions and actions, and has now too long hidden its own knowledge from itself!  This is a very common personal practice for many of you, so this conversation presents a very practical, personal proposition - as a verification - for every Human Being.  Each of you is faced with this same revelation about your own past purposes and actions for learning.  Each of you needs question why and how you may be hiding your own knowledge of your co-operative, creative, life-supportive, unified nature and identity of self-to-Self, from your self-conscious view.  This hide-and-go-seek path of individual self-to-Self development corresponds to the broader path of humankind's development here, with both angles of learning representing the evolutionary path of humanity's collective consciousness. 

Each of you can personally uncover the why's and how's of this self-to-Self psychological scheme within your private lives experiences.  As you look into your private mirrors of learning and growth, you will see the intimate proof of this epistemicMain Entry: ep·i·ste·mic
Function: adjective
: having the character of, or relating to episteme, knowledge or knowing as a type of experience; purely intellectual or cognitive
- ep·i·ste·mi·cal·ly adverb
  path.  For this personal path is the same universal path of knowing through experience, that has brought Humankind to this springboard of change through its own reconstituted knowledge. 

We are not asking you to "take our word" for any of this, as only  "speculative explanation" concerning either your personal or your collective experiences of mind - or consciousness.  We are asking you to "ask your Self" and in so doing find the proof in your own pudding of living, both as individuals and as common Human-hood. 

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To continue to accept such dichotomy - such division of your own individuality and nature as if this is a truth concerning your human identity, no longer serves humanity's purposes anymore than it serves personal purposes!  This precise NOW of humankind's existence is a juncture of choice between self-learning and its consequent creative construction, or self-subterfuge and its subsequent mis-creative destruction.

Human mind has myriad focuses or angles.  Human experience of mind is as though it is separated or apportioned into conscious and then subconscious/unconscious mind.  It is vital to your clear understanding of this material that you grasp this situation of your mind's angles.  The experience of your self as being a separate and different energy from your Self, occurs because this self-and-Self interaction is between different kinds of consciousness - NOT because self-to-Self is an interaction between different angles of human mind.  Self-to-self interactions take place between your human consciousness and its originating or generating Self Consciousness that you understand as your Self.  Even while the experiences of human mind, and the experiences of human consciousness, are both experiences of an operational division, the division of mind into conscious and subconscious interactivity is not the same thing as the division of Consciousness into self-and-Self psychic-spiritual intercourse.

We hope all of you are learning to clearly differentiate the experiences that are self-to-Self interchange of spiritized Consciousness-and-human consciousness, from the experiences that are interactions within human mind's various angles or focuses of clearly aware human mind and less clearly aware human mind.  The egocentric voices of your own mind's focuses are NOT the same thing as the self-to-Self conversations.  The energy that engenders and enlivens your mind's cognizance (comprehension) is the interchange of self-to-Self energy between two types of consciousness.  The self-to-Self dialogue informs and animates the current of human mind's energy as the thought-full reciprocity that ebbs and flows between your human mind and its attendant physical faculties, functions and actions.  Do be clear here.  (Decidedly, this is difficult to clearly translate into your words, since experiences of consciousness must be translated through or using your human mind in order that you can express such experiences in any manner at all, as any registerable perception of your reality in your reality.) 

Self does NOT reside in the designated divisions of human mind - as if it can be found within the farther reaches of the construct ­of human mind's area deemed/named/decided as unconscious/subconscious.  Self is not cloaked, cloistered, mysteriously inaccessible accept to the mystically initiated who understand the "power of the unconscious".  Self is not tucked in the back of your human mind to be discovered as part and parcel of the human mind's development or opening, even while such stretching/opening/growth and development of mind precipitates the opening of consciousness.  Do think this through.  Your inward, less clearly conscious focus of mind, deemed to be a subconscious arena of mind BY YOUR OWN MIND'S DETERMINATION, is not where you will find your "Self".

Each of you should by now be able to understand what we are telling you here.  Inner Reality is more than only an angle, focus, or aspect of human mind, and Inner Self is more than only a construct created by, in, from or as a product of such a (human) mind. You might say, that YOU are NOT a figment of your own imagination, anymore than we are.  As a psychic-spiritual energy, Self is of another identity that constitutes more than simply a concept or idea that human mind produces into human experience; lest, at your death as the transformation of human mind's energy, Self might well be lost to you - or you to it - self-from-Self.  Many of you are coming to grasp just how impossible such separation is, from the inward view.

We have begun to explain the connections between the realities of reincarnate selves and your own self-reality, and we point out that the misinterpretations of reincarnation have led to many false and irresponsible concepts further written into the creative directives of your human self's belief systems.  The division between this immediate time-precise reality of your self and the multi-timed reincarnate realities of your Self, is a difference of experiences - an experiential difference. 

There is little actual difference between the operational foundations of specific reincarnate realities.   You do not find yourself aware of a reincarnate counterpart, residing in a reality where Time runs backwards, or where there is no physical definition, as of earth's physical majesty and wonder.  When you visit or receive information concerning a reincarnation, you do not find there, an operational reality of physical or psychological/emotional functions that is entirely disparate - grossly differing from your own procedural basis of experience in this reality of your own.

This being the case, we will point out to you that you can no more justify or defend or excuse, chameleon self-dominating concepts being used in reincarnate realities, than you can justify chameleon self-dominating concepts that are being used in this here and now of your own reality.  It makes no more sense to believe that you have a naturally oppositional, contradictive, antagonistic, argumentative, perverse, dominating nature of unconscious-to-conscious mind in this reality, than to believe that your reincarnate selves have in their own realities. 

If self-domination is not an enlightened conceptual paradigm or pattern of thought and action here in this reality, it is not an enlightened concept in reincarnate realities either.  We will hint too, that humankind's choices in your here-and-now of human reality represent reformations in larger "Reality" beyond what you have yet understood.

There are theories that suggest that reincarnate selves in their own realities, would or could place you in a subservient or obligatorily controlled or manipulated role here in your own experience of this precise self-reality.  We ask you, if you believe that the precise "YOU" that each of you is at this moment in this here-and-now of your own, could or would dominate, control or manipulate the reincarnate self-existence of another's self-reality?  We suggest to each of you that you are not at the mercy of past lives any more than you are at the mercy of your own past of this life that you live. 

We suggest to each of you, that a part of your learning in this reality of your own precise selfhood, is the realization that your power of self-and-Self is inviolate within each self-reality of your experiences.  Now this is for another discussion, but it does have a baring on your understanding of this current conversation and its concerns with your ideas of self-to-Self power- relationship and power-interactions.

Pitting one angle, focus, aspect or degree of human mind's awareness against another, as if self against self, is always a misconception - regardless of the different layers, or realms of reality that human psyche experiences.  Such domination-subordination conceptual paradigms are in error, whether they are rolled out into misguided experiences of your selves in this precise reality of your self, or rolled out into misguided experiences of another layer of your human reality - for example as your experiences with reincarnation.  Such a misinterpretation in this reality is as much of a fallacy as in any other layer of reality, for all are misconstrued experiences of the meaning underlying your Simultaneous, Universal Human Selfhood and Reality.  Do you understand this?

Your human reality is comprised of timed layers of experience.  You experience a past, present and future in the immediacy of this lifetime, just as you can become aware of reincarnate angles of your Self-to-selfhood complete with their own layers of timed experiences as their own past, present, and future.  Your human reality is a psychonomicMain Entry: psy·cho·nom·ic
Function: adjective
: of, relating to, or constituting the laws of mental functioning
  experience - an experience "constituting the laws of mental life".  There are "rules of mind" so to say, which regulate your existence as a Human Being, and laws of MIND that provide for both human life and death.  To coin a phrase of our own, we would perhaps say that your human reality is psychocentrically real - and we will define this term "psychocentric" as meaning to originate from the centre or core of the psyche.  Your human reality does indeed originate from a core of mind - your reality, as self-experience, is created from the human mind's involvement in the self-to-Self relationship, and with the universal or eternal Mind of the Self.

Now do pay attention to our wording here.  In the most rudimentary terms, this fact of mind's co-connective creation of human reality, is why you cannot simply "will, wish, dream, pray or by any methods of strictly human devising or of solely self-determined generation or invention, affect the fundamental psychic-spiritual structure of universal human reality."  Please do think this idea through.

From the stance of human mind and human consciousness alone, none of you can reconfigure the psychic-spiritual nature of human reality.  In a certain manner, this is what your history of human existence shows you - when you are ready to see.  Mind alone cannot define you, nor create you - nor can mind control you, once you understand yourselves as more than mind and capable of self-to-Self co-operation and definition.  Your nature of self-to-Self is a choice of recognition - an empowerment of mind-to-spirit, that renders personal self-to-Self power inviolable.

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You are a psychic-spiritual Selfhood - which is the "originating nature" or the original pattern or blueprint for your human energy of human consciousness, as a self-to-Self existence, expression and experience.  Human reality grows out of inspirited energy-organizations as the schematics for magic, as alchemical maps, sacred schemes, divine designs and prophetic proposals for your human creativity.  It takes more than human mind alone to "create" the impossible into possible, into probable... into "real".  Perhaps this view will help each of you understand how vital the knowledge within the self-to-Self relationship is for humankind.

These lessons that allow your mind to expand its growing awareness into those areas that you once considered to be closed off or inaccurately deemed as areas of unconsciousness, mean you are now accountable for that which was previously effectively outside of your awareness.  However, this does not mean that you are held responsible now, for what was unknown to you then.  Please listen closely here.

You cannot hold yourself responsible for what is operationally - effectively outside or beyond your knowledge and/or your ability as operational power within the parameters of ANY GIVEN REALITY (including this of your own, using time as one of those delimiting functional factors).  However, since your knowledge has grown to include much that was previously unknown to you or misunderstood by you, you have become the keeper ofthese keys to the new knowledge that resides in these newly opened areas of mind.  If you now hold your self to be responsible for that which you previously had no operating-power in - no operational ability to respond to in any way except as you did, then you do yourself an impeding injustice.  It makes little sense to denounce yourself today for your responses yesterday, when you answered life in the best way you could, according to immediate knowledge - or when you used your ability to respond according the parameters of human existence.

Do you understand what we are telling you here?  It is surely unwise to punish yourself for such true ignorance as this represents in this reality of your human selfhood, when the point is to learn - to dispel that same ignorance.  If you already knew (whatever you are trying to learn) then you would not be in need of, or constantly in process of, the human purpose of learning.

Effectively, the divisions between your conscious and subconscious/unconscious portions of mind are experientially quite real for humanity - even while, lately, the precise lines are much blurring.  These demarcations of mind's awareness have always been highly individual choice that created highly individual experience.  From the mind-expanding efforts of this work, new information can come into human-hood.  With such new information, each of you can become more clearly aware of the merging and converging of the two self-delimited areas of human mind.

Such awareness and such a collective effort to consciously participate in this event will speed this process for all of you.  It is meant that you use what you learn to direct the creation of your reality forward, rather than apathetically allow it to decline by default.  The purpose of these lessons concerning mind's energy-configurations is to help you begin to write your own new "collective decisions" for future humanity's newly chosen "operating divisions" of mind.  Humanity is writing a new agenda for its learning, a new lesson-plan and that plan will direct humankind's evolution.  This new plan will come from each of you as you consciously decide to participate in this process.  Once again, humanity will decide on the operating plan, or outline for its own progress, as it decides how it will reset the operating mechanics of those divisions of its own human mind.

It is of great importance that you USE your growing knowledge for it to continue to grow.  Each time you slide back into the conceptual/emotional quagmire of misconceptions that would have you disappearing, swallowed up by false-guilt and tied up in psychological double binds so to say, you are taking a step backwards.  You not only delay your own progress, as you are coming to grasp, but you effect more than only your individual self's reality. 

Of course, this is true for all of you, for none of you are as isolated as you so often try to believe.  You no longer require these psychological misconstructions - muddling yourself with the emotional histrionics that grow from fear, into goblins of guilt that chase you round and round as you falsely blame yourselves, trying to hide from your own knowledge.  (You have done nothing you should be considering as "wrong" and there is no one (anymore) to punish you for their own imagined transgressions).  Irrationality need not beget more of itself in the face of these truths here, dear heart.)

You are accountable to your self for how you use information that is available to the conscious focus of mind as understandable knowledge and information that is within your ability to think or consciously process.  More over, you are accountable to all levels of your Self for your honesty in setting the agenda of your own learning.  You are accountable to your Self to honestly pursue an accurate "living" relationship of self-to-Self, TO THIS END; accountable to learn the truth about your own self-and-Self identity.

Each of you is responsible to honestly do the best you can with all that you are given in every area of your reality.  It is the personal understanding of this ideal - the meaning of this pursuit of intimate merit that is the issue here in our conversations.  Your acceptance of this challenge of our work, is how you will learn and grow into your own unique fulfillment for this lifetime.  When you go about your experience and existence within this physical reality pursuing your own truths in this way, you automatically move toward this ideal as it represents individual and then humanity's fulfillment.

If you can see this possibility, then certainly some of your immediate problems that require you "apply your self" towards finding "real life" solutions, can be understood as stimulating a kind of automatic inward progress.  From this viewpoint, your human life could be understood as arising out of a pre-requisite aim or purpose to learn, as if your life arises through your creating or through your creative participation of building, designing, shaping, consciously choosing your life's values and meaning.

As you set your own learning in motion in this fashion, it is then up to you to be honest at all points - honest at every turn - with your self and with your Self.  This in-built system of creation fuses freewill to the gifted power to manifest your intimate learning.  This system for creation requires you USE your freedom to-make-your-selves-real, to actually make yourselves real.

If you cannot treat the thought processes of your own private mind responsibly and respectfully, to create individual life, then how can you expect to use those same processes of thinking, to create a responsible and respectful world in which to live this existence, that belongs to each of you?   We are indeed adamant in posing this question!

We do not wish you to feel rebuked here, but it is of utmost import that you personally use your free will to direct your thinking, through the intentional formation of your conceptual paradigms pertaining to all matters we discuss.  Yes, this could of course mean that our discussions are about "all that is", and then by virtue of that meaning, you are expected to apply your intentions to "to all that is" within your individual framework of reality.

This whole question of disclosing your self-to-Self intent and identity to others, is a rather small acquiescence to lingering uncertainties and doubts from many angles.

Yet, you know full well you have unflinchingly accepted and agreed to adhere to your own self-to-Self highest standards.  Our Material is not possible, otherwise.  Our Material can have no other basis than that of impeccable, ruthless self-honesty and determination.  Otherwise, these conversations would be in some foreign tongue that speaks in a language that cannot be properly understood by humankind.  Otherwise, our conversations would take disjointed words and phrases of half-baked, half-developed notions from irrational ideologies combined into a conceptualizing that would be void of our meaning for any who might try to "hear" us.

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Do you see yet, where your responsibilities lie?  No.  What we are saying here is that you are not now responsible for what others hear.  Such a notion is a "cop out".  You can be exasperatingly stubborn!  This intransigenceMain Entry: in·tran·si·gence
Function: noun
1 : refusing to compromise or to abandon an extreme position or attitude
2 : characteristic of an intransigent person
- intransigent noun
- in·tran·si·gent·ly adverb
  is part of your particular peculiar nature, but usually you use it to your (and our) advantage.  In this instance, try to deflect this natural bent in such a way as to boomerang your own intention (to learn) back through our mutual aim - for you to learn.

Others will hear our conversations as suits their own purposes and self-education.  That is left up to them, as choices for their free will.  You have made your decision to listen to our voices knowing that within this choice, it is now your own responsibility to hear to the best of your ability - it is ALWAYS up to you.  DO YOU HEAR US?

Realize dear one that roses grow where roses are planted.  It is true that your personal growth, your personal ventures and adventures are entwined here within our material in such a way that to extricate one from the other is becoming a less and less viable choice for you.  You have allowed for this - almost, once again, as you have so often done, in order to relieve some of the turmoil that is inherent in making larger decisions than you feel ready to make.  It is as if you push yourself to a point of no return, backing yourself into a corner so to speak, so that the decision is made almost beyond or without your own clearly conscious involvement.  And then to undo the decision (without harm) would require a skill that you are aware of having not yet quite mastered!

You have allowed this to come about we might add, a little to our own surprise.  Your own free will and the choices that stem from that free will can still surprise us.  It is understood by all of us that this decision of yours is in part what has accelerated both the development of the processes and therefore the production, of this material.

Your choice here was partially based on the inward, intuitive knowledge of such a possibility for acceleration, entwined with your desire to "hurry" things along for your own human self's reasons.  From a certain angle you allowed for this because you understood what this situation would teach you about yourself in terms of your own bravery and the contingent beliefs that connect to the basic assumption that "you live in a safe universe".  You wondered how you could test the real strength of this assumption in personal life, while insuring a certain degree of human safety and protection from those elements that would indeed critically disrupt our conjoined work if they were brought to full blown manifestation.

Just a moment ago, while you were away tending to your other chores, you "slid" away, as you were yesterday telling George you were learning how to do.  You slid away from this focus of this listening, just far enough to keep the connection, yet allowing you to consider your more human implications for what is being discussed here.  You said out loud, "can't I keep any secrets to myself?!"  Indeed, that is what we have been discussing is it not?  You do of course keep many secrets - all of you now - not to your self, but from your self.

Now, let us continue; we can come back and discuss this very interesting development - this new angle of your ability.  You knew full well that there was a point, not long past, where you could have changed your mind about this undertaking, quite simply.  We informed you clearly, one evening just as you drifted toward sleep, that this partnership of ours is ultimately your choice for this lifetime.  You clearly understood that if you desired, we could and would begin to separate out the more personal information of this material into a "time slot" given wholly to that angle of our discussions.

We also discussed the fact that the accelerated expansion of your consciousness was possible precisely because you allowed and used your own personal living's experiences as the original, continual initiation of our dialogue. Together, we use your questions and ruminations as a mutually advantageous method for our work here.  This affords all of us a smooth line of communication, open on a more flexible basis than a strictly diverted energy flow could furnish, while it provides you with personal information.  This arrangement also allows all of us to continually practice this process of psychic development, while still providing all the safeguards required and mandated in our relationship with your self, and your Self.

All in all, you decided that the advantages of this situation outweighed the disadvantages, and what was to be gained was more important to you than what you might lose because of your fears and timidity.  So, you continued to allow us to use this decision and braid "you" into this material as an integral infusion to our voices in a most unique manner.  This is an original enhancement to the living quality of our own voice and will prove in the long run to add to the validity of this work by providing a more humanly acceptable "medium" of expression to our messages, for most people.  Did you like our small pun?

One of our primary considerations in this work with you is to make our material readily readable or mentally digestible for humankind.  The more closely this information can be connected to the usual everyday reality of the reader, the more easily it can be understood, questioned and investigated.  Our purpose is to make our material useable knowledge that can help each person begin that task of best creative fulfillment toward personal and then collective evolution.  The real meaning of this material will come from whether or not it triggers humanity's enlightened evolvement, becoming a practical ideal in support of the creative development of the human species.

Your personal quirks of mind and the necessity of precisely manipulating the flow of our voice amidst the daily circumstances and events of your living, is actually the method that transfers that living's quality into our material.  That you are a very real human being, who must maneuver this production around the necessary mundane chores of your days, is a value - not a liability to this work.  If you feud with the multitude of duties concerning husband, friendships, home, health and all that goes into a lived life, this is just as others do.  Yet, that you also staunchly contend with the human dilemma that listening to this voice of ours can cause within the on going dramas of a human life, adds to the credence of both our material, and this new process for "expanding consciousness" that you are advancing.

So, this package that we are together producing is an entirely new one, not only from the point of view of what it will open for human-hood's experiences, but also from our own point of view of opening new possibilities for our involvement with human-hood.  We are all exploring a new avenue of creativity.  In this free wheeling space of free forming creation, you navigate with a kind of joy that you never allowed yourself when you held so tightly to a view of physical reality's reality as if it were the only possible, valid view.  The human mind has a natural roaming, roving nature, as a need for psychic exploration that has been a part of human-hood's experience of itself since its' inception as a physical existence.

All of what we cover here in our discussions is expounded for reasons that are not always readily, consciously apparent to you.  But, be aware that what may appear to you sometimes, as superfluous "filler", or as inconsequential connectives, has our larger intent securely beneath it.  We deliberately entwine within our information, the basic characteristic spirit and essence of your living with some of the specific attributes of your daily thoughts and feelings.  That we can weave some of "you" into our conversations in this way, helps others to more easily recognize and accept their own self-to-Self conversations and identity.

As each of you look into your own real mirrors, and see within them this larger view of your self-and-Self, indeed such a vision can be more than you can recognize, and can even be unsettling for you.  There is no such thing as a norm or standard when it comes to dealing with the self-and-Self that each of you is.  Each self is as unique, and dear, and prized in the eyes of its infinite Self, as each sprouting blade of grass and each wondrously fragile snowflake is valued by the Consciousness of "all that is".

This point of comprehension causes you tears, as it envelops you in the gracious intent and unrestricted love and support that you see, so securely couching human-hoods' future vision and understanding, of its own Selfhood.  Each self that drinks from this particular cup of understanding that we try to fill, instinctively knows that this self of yours, that has mastered this most oddly wondrous art of "Listening", is no different than that Self of their own that is bonded to them, by love.  In spite of whatever they may have been through - in spite of whatever beliefs they might hold tight to, that would have them grow to the contrary, the bonds of self-to-Self are those of love.

This is an inward knowledge for you and for others.  And it matters, to many that you find your way on your path to this here-and-now.  Some of us are the elders of your earth's dear reality and we remember the joy of each tiny green bud blooming into new springtime.  Each self knows its' own blooming as a new season of Self.  Do not give up your efforts, be they joyous or of great struggle, to claim your own identity within its own season of reality.

Do not give up on yourselves, any of you, or on your earth's growing or on your world's turning.  We cradle your memories in this motion of this persons mind - we strive with you - for there is no against.  We send you these answers that you search for, in this guise of faded jeans and middle age approaching.  And we call upon the best that can be brought out of each of you - without exception - even from within the confines of self-doubt, loneliness or despair.

This, that each of you is, is your self-and-Self, and it is entrusted to each of you without exception.  Call upon this personal oracle, this private muse of your life's original inspiration.  It will answer and it will not ask payment, for such calling incurs no debt.  There are marvels of creation sleeping within the clear dawn of your own dreaming Selfhood.  There are prisms of splendorous lifetimes yet to be created by each of you.

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