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Foundations, Walls and Windows of Opportunity
by The Speakers(4.28.86)
Accountable Accounts and Responsible Responses to
Questions about questions and Choices about choices
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(Part three of three)

o continue:  Your intuition is correct -- this daily work is already in a book-type format, meant for more than just you and George to read. This work is more though, than only a life-story, bound by these days within which it is being produced. The ebb and flow of your thinking is what gives this collection of experiences its form - shapes its psychic-spiritual substance into this readable materiality.

As you deliberately shift your mind between your usual-conscious-focus and this other-than-usual conscious-focus, this mind-movement is a practice - a technique, a practical exercise as a procedure of mind you are experimenting with. Using this approach then, your aware self-mind constantly explains and describes your human experiences to your more-than-human Self-mind, and then you work at developing the ability to "hear" Self's descriptions of inward reality shared back, as its' informational contributions to self's reality and of course, visa versa.

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This listening becomes an exchange, a sharing that is an effort to hear from each source of information through the experience or as the interactions within each source of information. This sharing of information comes from the self within this human self-reality, while simultaneously coming from the Self within Eternal, Universal Self-Reality. As you become more consciously aware of your own broader experiences and you realize that you are also such a more involved identity of psychic-spiritual Self-source, your intention crystallizes into the directed effort to learn self-to-Self.

The human intention is always to become more fully it self - a more evolved, enlightened, and creative expression of the encompassing self-to-Self energy that is the foundational nature of human identity. Do re-read this last sentence please. Simultaneously, Self's intention is also toward learning and growth as endless creatrix,Main Entry: Cre*a"trix
Function: noun
1 : A creatress. The feminine of creator.
  and this is accomplished in the same manner, through the Self-to-self relationship.

George feels his own concerns for your inward wellbeing within the ongoing flow of this material. He recognizes the value of this process of yours and is concerned that you organize this growing worded flow of written pages in an acceptable form toward the goal of a wider, perhaps public presentation. He worries around the edges of an obligatory understanding that the dissemination of this material is a foregone conclusion.

You are not as concerned about other's access, since you intuitively understand that these questions will be answered from within this process, in due course. You understand that this written material (and your learning of this more conscious mental precision necessary for this work) is still in the preliminary stages and you wonder if these beginning pages are meant for any view beyond your own. We will suggest you continue following your intuition. The specific timing and the particular vehicle for presenting our material to a wider audience are written into the unfolding of this process of yours. Follow the path of your own intuitive choices.

We do advise you however, that our material does continue to be uniquely divided or sectioned. This specific partitioning or portioning of our enlivened information is entirely unusual, yet these are truly the most practical and manageable divisions you could desire. These separations are the precise and natural ebbs and flows of the energy that passes between your self and your Self, and our selves. This material has thus far been produced from the unique energy-patterns of this interactivity.

Seldom is such a production as this possible. For one matter, few can work in this particular manner-of-mind for these extended lengths of time. It does take much of your own experience of time for so many vast new ideas to be linked and brought into this conscious materialization - for such extensive amounts of conceptually comprehensive material to be written down this way. This requires a singular psychic poise, so to say, held for a sufficient length of your time as any given period or sitting or psychically charged or energized focus of mind, that allows us the needed leeway to both construct and transmit our information in this arrangement used here. Do you understand this?

You have managed this lesson quite well dear scribe, even without being entirely, consciously aware of all that was psychically afoot. This is often the case for any of you, self-to-Self, where only a part of your understanding is initially opened to your conscious view. Yet, it is enough to lead you forward into a larger goal than first thought. When only a bare amount of information is initially revealed, brought forward into conscious view, this is a self-to-Self assistance as the process that allows you to grow.

You grow into your depth and strength of mind in a manner, partly as the natural human curiosity leads you along new mind-ways. Further, when you actually clearly aim to develop more whole-self capabilities, learning could be understood as the processing of information self-to-Self. Learning is a combined effort from the inside out, and then, from the outside in, that produces a larger view and broader understanding from each side of the mirror, so to say. Such learning is an awareness of your own experiences as a richer reflection or enhanced grasp of your self-reality. Learning could be seen as the process of adding together and sharing information from the inward psychic-spiritual focus of experience, and information from the conditionally human focus of experience, enriching both angles of your reality.

We have endeavored to divide our work into your concepts of time, fitting our information, in a manner, into human mind's perceptions of the time it takes to initially comprehend the broad mental and emotional shapes of new concepts. We are not speaking about the divisions within our material as the actual number of written pages handled in any given period or from one day to the next. The divisions of this material represent the most digestible psychological and emotional bites of information - making this allocating based on the processing of the information rather than being dependent on the content - or what the material is about, to dictate the linking and then the divisions.

The Material is broken at those points - generally at least - where the mind that works at absorbing what it is taking in, reaches a fundamental general grasp of the information presented on the many levels aimed for. Part of why this reading can trigger every human mind to hear its' self-to-Self conversations, comes from the natural saturation point for this specific mind being beyond, yet simultaneously corresponding to, various saturation points within general human mind. You joked with George about a "ways and means committee" - we do have our ways and via your own kind allowance, we have our means as well.

We would like to discuss some of the other points concerning this production that may have slipped through the cracks of your fine awareness. The personal path of your private mind's expansion allows us to make use of this personal psyche as a sort of classroom, replete in the variety of learning that goes on in any classroom, and out in the open for all to see. This provides a situation that can draw each reader into their own inward classroom of their private selfhood that is rarely glimpsed or invoked from the pages of a book.

While this particular mind (of yours) that we work with, is uniquely suited for this endeavor, within it there are certain qualities of overall Consciousness that are in effect representative of every individual's personal consciousness. These are qualities of the comprehensive Consciousness that each of you posses and that each of you use for your own sweet Self's navigation through your own dear self's mind-ways. (Do pay attention to your capitalization please).

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We do not wish to upset anyone here, most particularly the self that possesses this mind and who so graciously allows us such access into this reality. However, common threads or bonds of mind's processes link all minds. Sooner or later - meaning this lifetime or another - each Self undertakes a single, human-life-focus of the common fundamental queries and explorations concerning human self-to-Self identity as the power that shapes human reality. Each Self spawns itself a specific human selfhood wherein the human questions of life, death, meaning and value will be a primary experience, examination, and investigation. At this focus of human-hood's time, this mind (of this person) is representative then, in certain joint respects, of the much larger shared circumference of intelligent energy or extended mind. We are looking for just the right wording here - we do not want this idea to be misconstrued.

There are common inward understandings that act as links for all minds, drawing all angles of human experience together under the banner of human consciousness. There are ways of thinking - natural operational pathways of mind that link each human being to the overall network of human-hood, regardless of language, nationality, race, religion… regardless even of beliefs. Yes, that is what we said.

All people are included in the family of humankind. Humanness depends on the shared traits of the larger more complete, far-reaching Consciousness with its' shared perceptions and purposes within which every individual human consciousness fits. There is an in-woven purpose infusing or electrifying the informational web-work between self's mind and Self's Consciousness. (Now do pay attention here.) Both individual and general human perceptions, whether of seasons and storms or as customary emotional responses, arise out of this shared web-work.

The development of the human mind does not strictly depend on the actual physical development of the human brain from a mechanistic scientific point of view. This can be easily understood when you look into the "fact" of the human brains development beside the facts of development-of-mind, that are represented by some of your world's greatest "minds", indeed. Please supply names and dates as each of you feels inclined to here - your human history provides a plethora of choices.

Yet, those who actively undertake any of various distinct intentions concerning their mind's development, also affect the brain's development. Those who strive to develop their minds in certain highly specialized, specific ways, grow into already existent inward psychic organizations, alliances and associations of mind. They can consciously connect to the greater Consciousness and Mind through such efforts, much as this person has. (Yes, you could say re-connect instead of connect here.) This is a part of the major thesis of our work with all of you - this possibility of conscious/aware development of your mind-to-consciousness, and then the establishment of, or re-linking of, those connections to the broader arena or larger scope of universal and eternal Mind-and-Consciousness.

We wish to open this view of your growing into your truer natural human identity of self-hood-to-Self-hood, for wider conscious, aware consideration by each of you. Human kind's general psychic connections and relationships are tied to the functions of human mind as it is cradled within, or overlaid or layered within the physical human brain. When specific development of any human mind effects the energy pathways and patterns of the physical brain, (as it has for our friend here) then because mind and brain are connected, the general psychic connections of humanity are effected. In the case of this colleague, (as well as a handful of others) such private development (of mind that effects brain) can become an opportunity for humanity to acutely broaden its general developmental possibilities and probabilities, as a conscious choice to expand its inward/psychic-spiritual abilities. Please think this through.

As the broadest outline toward human-hood's fuller development, (though we are grossly over-simplifying this), then the general psychic bonds that tie this particular person's physical human experiences of her own human life to her personal mind within her specific physical brain, become inwardly representative for all of you. You - each of you - are naturally dealing with your private inward connections to your exterior reality, when you begin to grasp how the inner reality in which this person lives is connected to the same, exteriorized physical reality-frame that you and she - and all humanity, shares. To understand the connections of this person to her larger reality of self-to-Self, (as we are here including ourselves as a part of her reality), is to make the connection between your private selfhood and the collective human reality in which ALL of you participate - on every level. Please, do make the effort to understand this point.

In ways that concern everyone's overall operational lessons between the inner and exterior realities in which you live and share your own private versions of life, this person's "reality" then becomes representative of humankind's reality. This is a rather difficult vision to match your words to.

As each of you can come to more easily relate your own experiences to this person's experiences, you are in effect peeking into your own personal future mind-to-brain self development on your own personal path of expanded consciousness and psyche's development toward Self evolvement. Within this person's explorations and learning, as we are relating them to each of you, you are peering forward into your own sorts of personal developments that will come through your own self-to-Self explorations and learning. As you grasp the very real context of her living's experiences, in which this creative project of our own actualization is taking place, each of you can discover our guideposts. Each of you can hear our re-minded echoes, recognize our loving concern as it is written into your Self's loving concern for you, as you take up your forward path of self-through-Self education.

The dynamics of this mind-expanding process as we are presently using it here between this most particular human mind and our own energy, allows each of you a rare view of Inner Reality by looking through an individual inner reality. Each of you is invited to peek into this person's mind in a manner, as a common area of distilled, concentrated psychic confluence, convergence, conjunction, interface of dynamic spiritedness - that could in no other way be afforded, permitted, sustained or furnished to you.

Now we do not mean this superficially, or only as you stand on the outside and look obliquely (indirectly) at this situation. We mean this from an angle of observation that is within your own inner reality. When we say that this method (of learning through refractive contact) allows information to reach you at many levels, we are not speaking symbolically or metaphorically. We are speaking literally. If you approach our material with as open a mind as each of you can muster, you can gain a view of inner reality's workings that will inform, instruct and enlighten you in a way that mere words could never do.

It is important to try and keep all events, both internal and external (manifest and yet to be manifest) in personal, human self's perspectives, as they bounce in and out of your individual psyche's current range of perception. It is important that the common factors between your own experiences and these of our dear friend's that we discuss, be brought forward - out into the conscious light of everyday human mind. It is necessary that each of you learns to openly and confidently - mind-fully sort through your own closets of beliefs and aims, desires and intents

This person came into this relationship with our voice, just as any other in your human history has, and just as any one of you does in self-to-Self relationship, carrying her own baggage of unopened questions and looking for her own specifically personal answers. Each of you will discover your own incentives urging you inward, for answering certain private questions between your self and Self, just as this was the impetus or inducement employed here to initiate these broader discussions of our own with this person.

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We ask each of you to understand however, that when inner relationship is honestly entered into and agreed upon, Self's assistance does not somehow magically "unthinkingly" "happen to you". Self's assistance comes by way of actively expanding your wealth and profusion of abilities-of-mind power. Whatever are a lifetime's lessons, self's learning is through Self-to-self interaction, and you will not somehow side step such learning - jump over such lines of inquiry as experience - in place of some mythical kind of "instant enlightenment". Indeed, enlightenment is both magical and instant, yet it arrives so, through the foundations of self-to-Self learning.

Truly, you are each as perfectly adapted to live this life of your own, as this person is adapted to live this life of hers. What is chosen in each lifetime is what is needed to aid, support, promote and nurture each self-and-Self as it travels along the road to its best fulfillment. If this person is learning to accept her position and make use of the personal attributes bound into her identity within this lifetime of private intimate facts through her psychic heritage, then surely each of you can do no less. Do re-read this proposition, for it is an invitation and a challenge for each of you to take up your own power of Consciousness.

What we tell you here is exactly as magical as that saving grace of the memory of apple blossoms filling that Valley of this person's past Springs. The magic lies in the ability of each of you to take hold of this one life, as you are in possession of it in THIS here-and-now, and transform it into your own fragrant dreams of future memories in future lifetimes - and beyond. Indeed, eternal voices have often presented this hope, yet still we ask each of you to take hold of your here-and-now, just as it is with all of its seeming flaws, and begin this journey into Creation's heartland- into your own truest tomorrows of Self enactment.

(The end)