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From the inside out: (5/6/87)
A practical philosophy for the self seeking species:
by The Speakers(5.6.87)
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uman kind is a species of consciousness, a specific kind, or classification of consciousness whose inherent design defines it as the human consciousness. Human life is the ability of human consciousness to experience itself as both a physical reality, born into time as a physical self, and simultaneously, as a portion of a spiritual and psychic reality, existent outside of time as the Inner Self. Basically, this is the "Self-and-self" known to each of you as YOUR self. You are the power of both an intellectual and spiritual intelligence; an intelligence that is capable of perpetual, and original re-creation of itself into both microcosmic individual reality, and macrocosmic universal reality. This is your nature.

Human reality is the effort of human consciousness to learn about its identity as an energy, and as a creative life-force identifying itself as power. Your

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human life is an intention to learn how to perpetuate itself through its own creativity. Your indivisible reality as a human self-and-Self, is this continuously expanding, learning-process then. Through the development of your personal potentials you are meant to fulfill the creative potentials of the intellectual and spiritual intelligence from which you daily spring. As you learn, you enrich your human dimensions of reality, and you automatically enrich other dimensions of your greater reality, with the knowledge gained through experiencing your human lives.

However, the learning is not going well for human hood, since you are in peril of aborting your own reality - changing yourselves and your world beyond recognition as this self-knowable identity of human consciousness, upon this planet earth. If more aware futures are to be created, then more aware presents need to be created, in the crucible of NOW.

Many of you do understand that your human reality is a cooperative inside-out venture. Your human experiencing is an exploration of the dynamics of yourselves as creative power, in a self-to-Self relationship. You ceaselessly experiment with interior motivation and exterior result. You seek to understand how your inner life of thought and emotion is fired into physical experience - trying to learn, self-from-Self, how you transform the invisible energy of your Inner Self into the visible experiences and conditions of your physical self's reality. Through this process you grow into your own power and re-create yourselves into the freshly original, future generations of humankind, and human consciousness.

There are philosophies that ask you to believe that you are little more than errant molecules, come together through happenstance and having no greater value, purpose, or meaning, than those humanly determined theories would decide to ascribe to you. There are ideologies that oppose, ignore, and blatantly disregard your own intimate proofs and knowledge of your own correlative, partnered nature and its natural workings. There are philosophies that demean the human consciousness on every level, and ask you to subjugate yourselves to irrational beliefs that deny you your own reality.

It is not our intention to debate sophistic rhetoric; our intention is to practically help each of you discover who you are and why you are, using your own mind as the foundation to discern the false from the true - in all regards. As a self seeking species, the truth about yourselves is what you are seeking - and you are doing so through the of use of your individual mind - trusting in your own innate intelligence. Now, that is so regardless of what any philosophies, ideologies, psychologies, hypothesis, theories - any doctrines of any description - may present or promote.

You are a race of mind, and that presumes your ability to direct that mind's automatic activity - direct your thinking. Regardless of how you disguise this to yourselves, by believing, defining or experiencing your power of existence as mindless - you exist as this reality of human-hood upon this planet earth only because of your inherent nature as a mental and spiritual intelligence - a rational, thinking intelligence.

We say disguise, for this is indeed what you often do; many of you have formulated discordant identities, portrayed in personal lives devoid of your intrinsic power of personal mind, and so, empty of meaning, value and purpose. As you labor under a multitude of misconceptions and misunderstandings about yourselves, few of you realize the potential of your own nature - or have any inkling of your intimate meaning and purpose for living. The results are private lives of incessant muddle, futility and misery - and a planet suffering the same malaise. You have unwittingly created this reality from irrational policies of every kind; policies grown out of irrational philosophies of every kind; and philosophies grown out of irrational beliefs of every kind. This is indeed a disguise of your human nature in every regard.

Our intention is to help each of you design your own PRACTICAL PHILOSOPHY OF INTELLIGENT BELIEFS; cohesive and far-reaching beliefs that will enable each of you to enjoy the bounty of life's experiences possible through understanding your own self-to-Self relationship. Even while this relationship may seem unconscious, you are each continuously involved in its intimate interactions within the layered reaches of your private psyche, as well as within your public awareness and activities. Within the self-and-Self relationship there is a richness of value for human life that need not remain unrealized - locked up behind the mind's closed doors. Humankind is not fated to the defaults of ceaseless quandaries and catastrophic crisis. The bounty of your inner life can be drawn out into your daily lives through the doorways of your clear conscious mind - you only need to learn how to open your mind-ways. You begin by willingly considering new ideas.

We are well aware of the psychic explorations of many of you as you privately venture into new areas of mind, and spirit. Humankind's efforts to functionally expand its own possibilities are clearly visible with this increased private and public interest in a colorful variety of psychic phenomenon and new psychological theories. As you stretch and reach toward new tomorrows for yourselves, you are working from the inside out, weaving new information into new beliefs, and then into the specific thought patterns of active plans and dreams. You begin this process from within your private heart and mind and complete it by producing changed outside experiences activities, events, situations, conditions and circumstances of every sort in your daily lives. You literally use the inside workings of your self-to-Self relationship, to shape your outside experiences as your lives and your reality. Your outside creations will unfailingly, faithfully reflect your interior creations according to your private, precise designs. When you misunderstand your nature of creative power, this misunderstanding becomes factually reflected. Feelings of powerlessness - of life happening TO you instead of directed through you - are symptoms of this misunderstanding. Certainly, if you cannot learn how to shape your intimate thinking and feeling, then you cannot begin to direct your power in other ways either.

This conceptual revolution - this new age, or new wave of human development - poses a very real, personal challenge for each of you. As you realize your need for an authentic identity that practically supports all of the angles of your own lives experiences, many of you are asking those deepest questions about your own value, meaning and purpose of living. This need of your self, to question your Self about your origins and nature, is the assistance of your Inner Self, leading you in the directions of your most private learning - towards your own unique fulfillment.

The challenge of this "new age" movement is not really new at all, for it is the same challenge humankind has continuously faced on its evolutionary path; the challenge to understand its power and responsibility for its own reality - from the individual "inside" private lives of each of you, to the shared world "out side", for all of you. Only as each of you recognizes and embraces your intelligent, partnered identity, can you then design belief systems that will actively support your own private living reality; and only as each of you does this, will humanity identity itself the same way, and begin to design collective belief structures to accomplish the same life-supporting results for your global reality.

Even while many "new age" philosophies seem to be freshly imploding the concepts of self power and creativity as the basis of your reality, if you look closely, you will discover that they are in effect only rephrasing, re-shaping a fundamental philosophical misconception. While these philosophies speak to you about your psychic role in multidimensional reality and celebrate your cosmic origins and mystical, multifaceted identity, too often these grander aspects of the Self are promoted at the expense of your ordinary identity of self, with little concern for the reality of the daily-drawn you. If such new age views create an essential separation, subordination and devaluation of your immediate, personal power and responsibility in the context of your own experiences of everyday living; then we can only ask you: “how is it, that your power and responsibility, are being supported by such views”? Certainly, the current prevalence of piecemeal, disjointed advice being offered you, for achieving your practical life's goals, aims, dreams and fulfillment, seems not to be answering what we hear so much of human-hood asking for. Without an appropriate, functional method for your understanding, for your learning, for your growth and development, as the human you’s that you immediately are, then it is difficult for you to meaningfully embrace and connect to your intimate yet integral personal role in creating your reality of self and world.

It is a grave misconception to view questions of individual identity, value and meaning, as some form of a narcissistic, egotistical, self-serving, "me only generation”, mentality or philosophy. Some of human-hood holds any philosophy of personal self-seeking or self-knowledge in contempt, believing that a "we generation" will only grow out of the subordination of the individual. Such beliefs run counter to human nature, and we suggest they are only a clever cover-up for the deeper roots of your inner most misconceptions and fears about yourselves.

We suggest that psychic revolution continues to fall short of its promise precisely because it undermines the natural human definition of each of you, as individual power, knowledge, and responsible personal choice, within the context of your precise daily selfhood. Such revolutions falter because they too often promote either the collective reality at the expense of the individual reality, or vise-a-versa. Such revolutionary efforts break down because they fail to convincingly link individual reality to world reality as the inside-out responsibility of the individual, created by the individual and thereby dependent upon the personal measures and means within the power of each of you, as intimate choice. We suggest that such efforts actually re-enforce the concept of separating the power and responsibility of the personal human self, first, from its own consciousness and reality, and then onward in the progressive equation of global, universal and cosmic terms.

Many of you are beginning to understand that this "new age" will not really begin until each of you begins to deliberately and COMPREHENSIVELY reform your own concepts of personal identity. In this latest effort of conceptual revolution, you are recognizing the need to begin with personal reformation -
consciously and knowledgeably directing
changes in your own beliefs. This revolution needs to be one of practical immediate values for each of you - not only one of world or cosmic propositions, possibilities and potentials, eventual for all of you.

This revolution needs to be one of your own PRESENT REALITY, before it can become one of future world or cosmic reality. If there is to be FUTURE humankind, it will exist only by virtue of how each of you decides to direct yourselves, as this present humankind. Too often the facts about your very real ordinary selves are negligently misinterpreted or ignored in the zeal of these "new age" philosophies, as they extol the joys of psychic enlightenment and cosmic fulfillment, side stepping the more mundane issues of your daily selves, in THIS dimension.

It is time to go "back to the future"; back to "finding" yourselves as a self in relationship to your Self, for only as you first grasp your own power and responsibility as experienced, present self-reality, can you come to know your other dimensions as a universal and cosmic self-reality. It is difficult for you to be interested or concerned with fulfilling your cosmic identity, when you live daily lives of dreary dissatisfaction. You cannot care about, or understand your role in a larger reality, until you can care about, and understand your role in this daily reality of human life in this world. Obviously your first need is for present, practical solutions to help your everyday selves. Only through discovering how you actualize yourself into daily life, can you come to grasp your personal part in creating your world reality, and only then will you discover who your complete self is as a cosmic identity.

This new age movement is now a gathering energy, sweeping more and more of you into an encompassing reformation of your world's accepted belief structures. Everything from governments to religions are being conceptually challenged, and reformed. As more of you understand the nature of your own personal consciousness to be responsible, capable, creative power, many of your most limiting belief structures are quite naturally disintegrating. Through the eye of open communication, many of the "power-over" pretenses these philosophies are based upon, are becoming clearly visible to all of you. You are realizing that practical ignorance of your own personal nature, functionally strips away your own power and energy. When your personal power of choice of beliefs, is appropriated without your express agreement - albeit through deception or ignorance - you are still left, functionally without power and incapable of directing the creation of your experiences and realities - on any level.

In this present period of flux, great blocks of consciousness are experimenting with new ways of structuring concept and belief as the vessels that hold and shape the possibilities for human kind and its’ world. The breadth of conceptual change that is being attempted, is stunning - it is literally stunning many of you as you attempt to wrap mind and heart around so many new ideas. You are finding you can no longer view your personal selves and the world about you, quite the same way you've been accustomed to; but you are having trouble fitting your private pictures of self and world into the new conceptual frame work being constructed from the profusion of new ideas and new information that is bursting into open awareness all about you.

Essentially, you are each attempting to rebuild the foundations of your own deepest beliefs, as your identity and perceptions of your reality. You are critically examining your most intimate core beliefs and challenging the concepts that give you your private pictures of reality, in hope of changing that reality. You have outgrown the confines - and security - of many of your most limiting belief systems, but few of you are knowledgeable or adept enough at structuring new beliefs into cohesive belief systems and philosophies, to replace those you are shedding. Few of you understand how to design yourselves a rational set of daily beliefs to live your lives by; one that is realistic enough to finally be acceptable to both self, and the Self that each of you is. The result of all of this “reformation” is a confusion of contradictions, leaving you frustrated and sometimes frightened about who you are, and why you are.

To turn your learning into practical values, a new and more conscious interaction between your self and Self, must be developed. This is our offer of assistance to each of you. As you each undertake this inevitable reconstruction of beliefs it is a choice, either to make conscious effort, placing your faith in yourselves as the source of knowing and deciding, or handing the job away, blindly accepting other's philosophies and definitions of your human meaning, purpose and worth. Who can know more about your most intimate self, than your Self?

The instability and confusion you are globally and privately experiencing, stems from the lack of new belief structures to replace those that are disappearing. Human kind can no longer tolerate the limitations of its own ignorance, but at each step of learning there is a need for some organization of your beliefs in order to shape human power in any direction. This most fundamental ability of each of you, to structure your beliefs into rational systems, or philosophies, used to direct your daily living, will be discussed extensively, for it is the vital lesson to creating rational self-reality - and perpetuating yourselves as rational universal power.

This present experience of yourselves is the only opening available to consciousness for the seeding of new concepts and beliefs that will grow you new realities of experience - and foster the evolvement of human consciousness. It is through this precise "now" of yourselves, that all concepts of reality, and so change, are experimented with - tried out and tried on; you create tomorrow out of today, as the directions of personal and world future out of today; there is no other access to tomorrow except along this road through the land of your own today.

We do realize many of you have already grasped much of what we are saying here. Yet obviously, such surface understanding is not enough for you to practically affect the meaningful kinds of changes you want for your own lives and your world. To try to understand any concept through only surface meanings is to try to know the taste of an orange from only looking at it or picking it up. Such surface knowledge creates only surface change - and it is our understanding that your deeper desire is for more than only a resurfacing of your lives or self and world reality.

Basically, human-hood still has little idea of its own intimate workings - its own inner systems of power and how they operate through heart and mind - with or without your conscious awareness or understanding of this activity. Humankind has made spectacular developments on the physical, mechanistic sides of its reality; but basic human consciousness has actually evolved little past your beliefs in violence as the nature of power, and so the nature of yourselves as human identity. This fact of your reality is clearly reflected - enacted on every level of your lives; from domestic violence to global warfare.

An evolved vision of yourselves and an evolved version of your reality, will only come about as the product of conscious learning - deliberately learning about your own consciousness. Evolvement will only occur as humankind directs it to occur. Since each of you is the "human" in human kind, then each of you is responsible for directing your self and your world toward growth and development. The evolvement of your human consciousness will not occur as some sort of natural UNCONSCIOUS process. The evolvement of human kind is not some guaranteed, automatic process of predestined, perpetual enlightenment and development then; lest we would not be here, for you to hear this.

While you have concentrated on developing the physical aspects of your reality you have done so at the expense of your complete nature. Even now, human kind is not yet committed to equal, open, active effort to discover and develop the neglected, spiritual, psychic sides of its self-reality. This continued reluctance to accept your coupled nature, demonstrates your basic misunderstandings about yourselves. In order to meet the challenges facing your species, it is imperative that each of you open yourselves to discovering your complete nature and personal potentials of power through true self-and-Self partnership. Each individual will need to take conscious, determined hold of their own power, and give clear, concise directions to its shaping, if the creative, rather than the destructive potentials of humankind, will become humankind's chosen reality. Your daily lives are meant as a way for you to learn to use your own power - to practice and perfect your inherent skills, experiencing your potency as creators.

There is a growing movement of human consciousness toward open exploration of its place within cosmic reality - including exploration of the view of human consciousness as the only intelligent reality in a single universe. Your world, and all possible life within it, depends upon your decisions and discoveries about what kind of consciousness the human consciousness is. Each individual experiencing this precise present of living, is a part of the larger purposes of consciousness that reach beyond only the fulfillment of your daily lives. You are each involved in mapping out new directions of exploration for human-hood's development - new designs for humankind's future. Each of you has a vote in these great debates, and you clearly vote for either the apathy of a passive regression, or the opportunity of active progression, with the kinds of personal lives you choose to create.

As an activity for each of you, try thinking about your personal lives and your world from these enhanced perspectives - you can begin there, to discover a new sense of value and meaning in your past, present and future. Thought is the doorway to new worlds - and it swings both backward and forward - inward and outward as the energy, power and consciousness of all worlds.

These discussions will continue to evolve through our usual material.