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The Listener and The Speaker
by The Speakers (5.5.87)
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t is necessary that this work be shared and openly considered by humankind. With this material we hope to help every individual learn about how their own lives are privately shaped from their personal power of mind and spirit, and how each individual contributes to shaping your world reality. Power is the inheritance of each of you, and the understanding of yourselves as a creative life force empowers the ordinary you with the extraordinary ability to create your own reality. It is through such learning that each individual’s consciousness will evolve, and so the human consciousness will evolve - evolvement being development or growth into a more highly organized state.

As we converse with this friend and "listener" we discuss in continuum the methods she is learning for this work. We are not a product of her psychology, either as a conscious or unconscious creation. But, while we are independent of both her psychological manufacture and her personality, we do use the psychological frame work of her personal Self-and-self relationship for this effort between us. We do not in any way "possess" her; nor does she possess us - beyond the spiritual-psychic mandates of our relationship, both in and out of time. Our relationship is possible through her own efforts, of development, over many lifetimes, and as a mutual choice in this lifetime of her’s, based on accumulated knowledge, intent, and respect.

This material is designed to shift and swing - to stretch and contract between your personal concerns and your universal concerns and to spark your continual questioning. This back and forth movement of the mind is an exercise that benefits your Whole Self, as we speak to your less conscious levels of psyche as well as your conscious levels, to trigger your more comprehensive learning.

We can come into human reality as an understandable value only through the open doors of the clearly intentioned, mind. Your own inner Self comes into your conscious daily reality as an understandable value for each of you, through these same doors of open mind. Neither we, nor your Inner Self, can come uninvited. Your open mind is the needed invitation. If you wish to send such an invitation you will need to know how to unlock and open your mind-ways then.