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Introduction  (5.4.87)
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e began this exploration here on paper only some few months ago. While its development has been in progress for this person's life time its culmination as it appears here on paper as these words, and to her as an understandable inner voice, did not just jump into being. We are not some sort of mental wizardry - nor psychic gibberish. We can appear in this manner through this person's very deliberate and directed intentions and efforts, even while she so long hid such efforts from her clearly conscious self.

We are not this person's thinking. We are not this person's voice. She has her own of each, and they are just as precisely her own as your’s are your own. We are not some product of her imagination; many of you hear our essential essence in the on-flowing conversations of your own self as you mentally explore the processes, impacts, and meanings of your thoughts, emotions, and actualized events and facts, that constitute your own personal experiences of living, as your private daily lives. You do not conclude that your own experiences are only imaginary any more than you believe your thoughts and emotions to be. Nor do you imagine that your immediate, momentary experiences of time, as your today, are all there is for you. For you plan and dream of your tomorrow’s appearance as a practical venture with practical value for you. Tomorrow will appear with the sunrise and disappear with the sunset for each of you and you will deal with that personal tomorrow in the same practical ways that you presently deal with this experience of your own today.

Our concern in coming to you is with the ways in which you will create those tomorrows, as invisible as they are, and with the practical value those tomorrows have for you as you reconstitute your today's plans and dreams into your tomorrow’s facts and experiences. Our concern in coming to you stems from a co-operative intent that many of you sense within your own daily living; a co-operative nature that many of you wish to better understand and promote within your private lives and your public world. We hope to stretch the limits of your hearts and minds, and so assist you with such understandings and promotion. We hope to stretch your concepts of your lives and reality to admit and include the ways and means of bringing about your own kinds of best fulfillment for your personal selves, and for your world.

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You are each the dear and expert dreamers and planners who create the magnificence and the originality of your dreams and plans into the actuality of your personal lives, and then into the life of your planet. This is what you do. We wish only to offer our assistance as each of you may wish for and allow for.

Our first endeavor here, with this person, is unconventional. Its production is via methods not so usual for human mind. We are not bound by such convention. Our material is designed in such a way as to draw your interest and learning on the multi-levels of intellect and emotion, speaking to the many "you's" that each of you are. At the inception of this process, this person did not fully understand precisely what our own intentions for this work were. She proceeded at every separate step with a willingness to learn and a trust in her own nature of self that allowed for the continuation and expansion of these explorations between us. She is learning. You are each learning. That is as much a part of our own purposes as it is your own.

This person allows for the use of her own daily experiences and concerns to be woven into this material as instigation points for our own discussions. This facilitates the striated meanings of the material in reaching the matching layers of the self that each of you is, in ways that only such a tapestry of significance can initiate. Through such interaction with a personal reality, and with her concerns so closely knit into the fabric of this work, we can attain our goal of providing assistance and information more intimately for each of you.

As you read, you may wonder, as this person continually does, how the variety of subjects we speak about are connected together. The connections will become clear as each strand of information is wrapped within each next strand to show you a living, growing, unified whole. As you read, try to remember then, that our material is deliberately designed, or composed, in a way that will bring about the aim of both the listeners and the speakers here, in the best ways possible and suitable for each. That aim of course, is the on-going exploration and expansion of your selves and your reality, directed toward the best personal and global fulfillment.

This reading material is unusual, both for its authorship and for its production methods. In a certain respect, we begin "in the middle" of this story. This is appropriate since in terms of your experiences each personal human you in a relative "middle position" between the unfolding of your personal human consciousness and the unfolding of universalized human consciousness. Having said that, we ask each of you to remember as you read, that at any given junction of time and experience, all previous and present experience meet, coming together as your intimate sparkling concern in your ever present "now" of your existence. This juncture of "now", at which you each find yourself, is a mirror-bright moment that encompasses all of the concerns and endeavors you have participated in throughout all of your today's, as they come together into this today. This is always the reality.

The tools that each of you uses for your today's creation are handled uniquely by each of you. This person has honed her special abilities for her particular tasks here with us, through her learning to use her own tools, just as each of you does. It is through your learning that you combine your life's experiences into your own precise contents of this shared, same shiny moment of existence; this experience of your present, or "now", that you understand as also containing a past, and a future. This sum of past, present and future is the experience of your own existence as a "now" that is uniquely and perpetually your own.

You call this crucible of ever alive and shimmering moments of your present experiences, your "lifetime". In this crucible of lifetime is mixed the continually inflowing data, concerning all facets of your reality, that you stir and ferment from within, to provide you with the preciseness of this ever new "now" of your self‘s experiences as human living. What you encounter, from all angles of experiencing in this today of yours, will be used as the ingredients, to be continuously stirred into this crucible of life, brewing each of your new tomorrows as new “nows” out of today's inflow and assimilation of data.

The mystic component of this person's nature that she has developed for her work with us, is not anything unfamiliar to any of you. You each include such a component of personal human nature. First apparent to her as a poetic talent, our voice was heard and recorded as that specific kind of outlet for our specific kind of energy. Poetry is a creative experience that many of you are familiar with, and many of you are involved in your own similar pursuits of individual artistic development. There is nothing strange about this. As you stretch your particular abilities, learning new methods for your creativity, you open your heart and mind to new visions of possibility. Then you adapt your learning, and expand your unique talents and abilities as you strive to actualize those new visions - to somehow make real those new possibilities. When you create such original, perhaps unorthodox actuations, that have been drawn from your intense commitment to, and out of, the ever changing substances of self, your works are like your children, for they are alive of their own accord. They are alive with creative impetus; the impetus of your own creative experiences that are born into them from your own adaptations of all that yourself is in any shiny moment of "now". Through this process, your creations speak an inner language of your new visions - they touch others, for they are themselves endowed with the ability to spark the same creative process in other hearts. That is all this person is doing.

Now dear reader, we ask that you "chew" upon these ideas as they regard your own private experiences, and that as you embark upon the reading of this material you try to keep these ideas in mind. This is the beginning of our endeavors with this person and this way (of working with us) that is her's. We will continue to explain this development of her's within the growing body of our text. This will provide each of you with new views of the situations surrounding such productions as this that will be enlightening for you, in themselves. By keeping each of you as close to the action as possible in this way, you will learn things that would be otherwise missed. We hope you enjoy this adventure into the realms of self, as much as we have our own kinds of experiences from this interaction. Speak to us as you each decide to experiment with. We also listen.

Through these pages you read we have entwined the information to assist each of you to discover where to took and the exact methods to use, to hear our sort of assistance, "for yourselves". Each of you can begin to "hear" our essence, as it is harmonized within your own Self's conversations; much the same as our friend here first heard us, singing through her skull like some strangely familiar symphony of beginning rhymes and reasons.

We came to this person as this worded voice one morning, it almost seemed to her, as if "out of thin air". We hope by now you know, or we can assist you to realize, that this air that you breath so unconsciously in and out of your physical selves, is not thin at all. It is rather fat and full, with facts, as a virtual cornucopia of choice and possibility upon which each of you feasts continually. We began this effort to spread this feast of learning for human selves out into conscious mind's awareness, by first coming to this person in small bits and bites - like small breaded bundles of tasty personal information, explanation, conversation and assistance. In this way the conscious mind could become accustomed to larger and larger bits and bites - as it did. Those beginning concepts were bite size in order to be chewed and digested easily and efficiently by mind. As the conscious mind munched upon these tender tidbits of personal edification, using their goodness to further fuel conscious inquiry, then naturally the concepts could become more plentiful and succulent in relation. You can all well enough understand our meaning here.

Now: you are a (capital "S") SELF. As well you are a personal and private (small "s") self Some of you use different terminology than this, understanding in your own ways a variety of connotations from this concept of a SELF. Perhaps some of you use terms of soul, or consciousness, or some other encompassing reference to conceptualize your SELF. So, you are a Self as a human self; and you are a physical self, drawn from a human consciousness. You recognize the physically enclosed portion that is the physical human body, as your most brilliant attunement of your personal experience. Your (small "s") self is the portion you wake up to each morning and the portion you experience your most immediate physically-sided reality through; it is the "you" that is most identifiable to your conscious mind, as the physical human self, then. So your are each a SELF and concurrently a self. Many of you realize that your navigation betwixt your experiences of daily moments is assisted by an inner component of your physical self; assisted by a physically invisible, un-manifest portion of the you, that you know yourself to be. Many of you understand and accept that your daily lives are entwined with that inner Self that is not identical to the usual, well known clearly conscious and physical portion of your existence, but that resides within your physical self’s gracious home of physical body.

Many of you know this, but most often it is not too closely considered. Yet, even though you may not fully, consciously acknowledge this, there are those times when some degree of this truth becomes clearly evident to you. When you are in need of assistance, this other portion of yourself is always within reach, always willingly available to the consciously focused human you - even when you do not recognize its assistance, or notice or grant that you have unconsciously reached for it. Your inner Self is also ready to consciously assist you in any and every way that you invite and allow for. However most of you do not yet know how to adequately invite or allow for this conscious assistance, or even how to directly initiate its unconscious assistance very well. It is your own learning that is the needed key then. The inextricable able cords of Self-to-self are of such a bonding, such a fusion, so true, so profoundly harmonious, that they cannot be unloosed; there is nothing to unloose them from.

We are not this person's Self She has an inner Self, entwined within her, just as your own Self is entwined within each of you. However, since we are a combining and recombining of "all that all selves are", we are mandated to uphold the same responsibilities of relationship with this person, as every Self-to-self is. We wish to be clear here: an inner Self s fundamental design is one of co-operative, nurturing responsibility within this intrinsic frame work of physical human hood. You are each fused in relationship, self-to-SELF. Just as each inner Self sympathetically nurtures this bond to its physical human protégé, we are mandated to this same relationship with this person. In this context then, when she allows the discussions that would usually be between self and Self, to be temporarily waylaid by us, for these intervening discussions of our own, we can do no more and no less than interact with her under the same mandates as her own Self would. We participate in relationship with her, as she questions, seeking and exploring along the lines of inner linkage toward her own discoveries, just as her own Self would otherwise do; and in the same manner that your very own Self does, with each of you. No self can ever be abandoned by its Self, so naturally this Self, that is so inviolately her own, does not desert her in silence in order that these conversations of our own can take place. Her own Self remains actively her own within this tri nary relationship amongst US.

We explain this to you because it has a bearing upon your own beginning understandings of self-to-Self relationship. It is hoped that as you read you will continually question and examine and explore your own intimate self-to-Self relationship from every angle. That is part of the purpose of this material. Your questions are meant to lead you forward with your own seeking; forward into your own answers, as your answers will be found in the ceaseless conversations of each of you, self- to-Self. And Self-to-self. Just as this person's questions find their answers within the private intimate conversations and experiences between her personal self-and-Self, so each of you is meant to hear your own answers and make your own discoveries from within your own private source of Self-and-self relationship.

We pointed out earlier, that the development of this person's "listening,” began with shorter discussions of more pertinent personal concerns and information. Now, this will be the first stage of your own learning as well, between self-and-Self. For our friend here, this facilitated the foundational explorations and learning she needed for this work. This material is not produced in this present format, for her "easy listening,” nor for your own ease of reading; this is something to be early on aware of. Our discussions are meant to shift and swing, stretching and contracting from the acute angles of private concerns in personal reality to the more visionary concepts and universal concerns of the encompassing reality of your own globe, and then past it. This stretching and snapping back of the conscious mind, in order to follow the theme and grasp the meanings of our conversations, in an inbuilt value then. The complexity of the implications, and reasoning behind our methods are discussed in the continuum of our material, woven into the dated rhythms of the text itself. However, we mention this as a small incentive to your beginning efforts; our information is structured in such a manner that the reading itself will initiate benefits for each of you at less conscious levels of psyche as you concentrate on grasping the deeper meanings and understandings of what you read at the conscious levels of mind.

We can only assist you as you allow for that assistance. It is your own conscious determination, along with your natural faith in your own ability to understand your self, that is the catalytic spark for your own learning. You will soon discover your private intentions for these explorations are your only guide for this learning. We hope to assist each of you toward your own discoveries concerning self-and-Self nature and why such learning is important to both your self and to human kind. If some of what we try to convey to you is not so blatantly simple as to be demeaning to your bright minds, then it is attempted out of regard for the Self-and-self that we understand each of you to be. If there is "this or that" point of momentary confusion or misunderstanding for you, as you use your own power of mind differently for this learning than you are accustomed to, continue on in your stride. Your goals of knowledge and understanding that will grow into your wisdom and evolvement, are entirely reachable by each of you.

We will close off this particular conversation on this note of our regard for the Self-and-self that each of you is, and strives to create and recreate into the reflective personal and public versions of your reality.