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An Introduction to the Speaker Material
by R. Cunningham (2.26.05)
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The Listeners Rendering
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he Speaker Material is about helping each of us understand our inward creative life - processes of mind. It is about how each of us turns our inviolate power of consciousness into the unique actualities of our lives. These are not any sort of specialized methods, specific procedures, or certain techniques. There are no routines, formulas, or rules, aimed at specific areas or concerns, expecting particular results. This co-operative, inspirited venture into our inward realms of selfhood invites us to define and shape our processes of psyche to make our lives meaningful, intelligent, and joyful according to our own informed beliefs and values. By engaging our personal life-creative processes, we can effectively begin to recast our self-reality and our world-reality toward global enlightenment.

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Questions concerning the origin, production, and purpose, of the Speaker Material are answered within its text. We are each expected to craft our own conclusions, deduce our own deductions, originate our own opinions, and unearth our own understandings through our private interaction with what is offered.

As you approach this reading, it is presumed that you will “check your beliefs at the door”, knowing that you will “pick them up on your way out”. For, if we approach new ideas looking only to prove out the views and beliefs we already hold, we have defeated our own purported goal of honest exploration, and limited our journey. Within the secure privacy of personal mind, there is no one to fool (or fear) but our selves.

This work is altogether a philosophy, a psychology, and theosophy, fused into a sweeping outline of reality, as a consummate blueprint, a holistic framework of self-to-Self principles. From such a life-conscious conceptual paradigm we can reform, redefine and rediscover our complete human identity to be Human-hood’s creative originating life power.