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Contradictions or The Questions Pose
  by Ruth Cunningham   (1.06.05)title image

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ill death redeem the wounded soul?
repair the broken heart to whole?
re-mind the empty days of thought,
set free, again, the life time caught
within the bell jar's perfect shape
that holds the breath of those who wait
to long within the dream's estate
to long outside it's broken gate?

Does what you think your heart conceals
become what daily life reveals
in every fleeting feeling's wake -
in every choice you daily make?

You live - you die
you seek to know
the truth that whispers
to your soul.
Your question's answers
won't be found
within such beliefs
of life unbound.
Your truths are not
in death's repose,
your lesson is
the question's pose.

If you will ask from willing stance,
if you will trust the Whisper's source,
if you will set the question's heart
upon the unknown answer's course,
if you will never mind your pain,
yet ever mind its woeful tale,
within its story you will hear
your every gain upon truth's trail.

You will learn that only thing
that is the gift that you can bring
when death at last swings open wide
its gateway to your other side.

You will take - from here to there
your knowledge learned from every care,
and you will leave - from there for here
the joy of every lesson's tear.

For who you are
as you become,
will set your path
towards your sum,
so measure now
in truest test,
that only you
can choose as best.

For you will take
and you will leave
the wholeness
of the truths you believe,
for in the spirit of your goal
every truth reveals your soul.