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Singing Stars  (12.25.04)
  by Ruth Cunningham title image

eyond the lights of city nights
and chorused carol's rise
the gleam that starts within the heart
shines brightly through your eyes
and fills the space
between the space
between our worlds
to glow,
'till we can see
the meaning of
your silent night of snow.

As love reclaims its purpose
hope redeems its place
within the heaven's vastness
upon your smiling face,
and in your never ending dream
of peace for all and each
we gather in your quaking
we touch within your reach.

Within this moment's longing
as minds-in-motion dance
the stars begin their singing
beneath the full moons glance.

And in the candles lighted glow
the vapors of your voice
ascend, converge,
convene unseen
above your joyful noise.

Each instant of remaking
rests rightfully in your dreams,
we celebrate your wonder
re-birthed in what it means.