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The Present or Running Away
  by Ruth Cunningham title image

hat vision fearfully flees its fate,
or believes itself arrived too late
to whisper into Being's ear
the answer only fate can hear?

Within the gracious smile of time
life's motives trip and meanings climb
the scale of every effort's goal
beyond what even truth may know.

So, we will gather one by one
your days of earth beneath time's sun
and give them back in granted grace
to smile once more on human face.

For only as your task's sweet toil
implores each heart to hear its voice
will vision's fear at last recoil
so we may speak to be fate's choice,

while 'round and 'round your moments race
on certain route to take their place
within the mirrored picture's frame
to paint your heart and give you name.

Your doubts and tears cannot undo
our grandest gift of vision's view,
and we will whisper, speak, and roar
beyond the bounds of Time's vast shore.

There is no message gone unheard
unspoken - broken from your word
for in your promise we have come
to light Time's smile within Earth's sun.

Again, and then again we come
for you can never be undone
from this which brings us Now and Here
to banish every vision's fear.

Your answer is this moments bliss
beyond what words can ever say,
accept your view and joy in this
that outshines sun's forgotten day.

Within our whisper, roar and rhyme
minds explode and stars align,
new worlds rejoice - and Time begins
again to beat like angel's wings.

For what is known yet cannot be
made manifest by destiny
you will reach, and risk and strive
for all it means to be alive.

As only in your pledge of trust
can Future know itself as just,
and fear cannot obscure your sight
of all that is your human right

to hear this message that we send
and know beyond your Being's end
that you are fragments of our dream
you are motive - you are scheme,

You are holy seeds of hope -
every song and every note,
every step in every dance -
every choice in every chance.

You are each the Future's fate
the moment's truth that cannot wait,
the marvel of your grander source
that sets your world upon its course.