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Gift of the Trinity  (5.20.97)
  by Ruth Cunningham title image

n you,
whose purpose goes unwritten
but within the soulful twine
of every word that's heard unbidden
twice divided – once divine,
return the gift - with added measure,
trebled truths at last aligned
in you,
whose reason streams before us
will and wonder - now combined.

As Self-and-self
your sistered secrets
stretch across the great abyss
to mend the tear
and heal the wound
and bind your bond to All-That-Is.

As if that spirit could be severed from itself!
as Source whose grace
begins existence ever-always,
you, who are its only trace,
know the atom's colliding joy,
the ghost of your infinity,
remakes the Holy Bliss to match
your selfhood’s perfect trinity.

For All-That-Is
in finite cloak of indigo and azure space,
these raptured lessons of your life,
cannot repeat
and not replace.