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The Listeners Rendering
  by Ruth Cunningham title image
This message stemmed from questioning the
purpose of my effort to translate Speaker Material,
and to understand it’s meaning in my life. This poem
is presented in two voices — my own and the
Speakers, and came in answer to the constant
challenge to correlate “the work” and it’s makers’
alongside my own beliefs and reasons.

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The Purpose's Pledge  (8.7.90)
  by Ruth Cunningham title image

view my consequences
vacant of regret,
journey's end
I am caught,
hidden here
in this unending dream.

For whosoever knows the day of death
reveals within its memories
this thrill of life still left.

“In vain your hopeless grievance,
your passage will not waste
the reverence of our message
despite your motive’s haste.”

But who
Donnean moon addresses here?
I cannot know
but only can I fear,
and who
escapes unscathed
Earth's trials woe?
I dare not ask
and yet
I can't not know.

“In this unending dream
of last re-view
each scene remade
redeems itself through you.

Though long bereft
our silence stretches taut
to hold forth every answer it has caught,
but still, in tear
the moonlight mourns our tale
and weighs our pledge upon the human scale.”

And I who wish
the truth could go unknown,
instead become the fruit
of seeds so sown.

And that you are
that truth of me —
a sight whose eyes will never see,
so I will cast your loving's grace
reflect full-mooned
this earth's sweet face,
and I will risk
my task undone
and fix your light within the sun,
and love will track
your tide-less trace
beyond these shores of human race.

For oath of light upon the face of time
this August moon forever has been mine;
and in the spin of voids my twilights spill
across my homeland heart's rejoined will.