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Often used terms
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Here are some terms that will be helpful to understand as you read through the the Speaker material. These include:

Small "s" self - The portion of "your self" that experiences itself as physical reality, born into time with a physical body. It is the portion you wake up to each morning and the portion you experience your most immediate physically-sided reality through. The main focus of the small "s" self is on individual reality.

Capital "S" self - The portion of "your self" existent outside of time, sometimes referred to as the "inner self" or "soul self". It is the physically invisible, un-manifest portion of you. The main focus of the capital "S" self is on universal reality.

Self-and-self - Human life is the ability of human consciousness to experience itself as both a physical reality, born into time as a physical self, and simultaneously, as a portion of a spiritual and psychic reality, existent outside of time as the Inner Self. Basically, this is the "Self-and-self" known to each of you as YOUR self. You are the power of both an intellectual and spiritual intelligence; an intelligence that is capable of perpetual, and original re-creation of itself into both microcosmic individual reality, and macrocosmic universal reality. This is your nature.

The Speakers - We are the voice of the origins of your intellect. We are the immanent source of the race of mind that is called human mind. We are the inner voice of the human race as you are a species of focus, a species of consciousness, and a species of reality. We are the voice of your earthly existence and we speak through the eternal mind as the voice of cells and springs alike; the voice of stones and stirring winds; the voice of the human heart and the human purpose. We hear the exuberance of your joys and the spell of your sorrows, for they were once our own. We hear the tears of your disappointments and successes, for we too once followed such strivings. In our own ways, we used your space and time, and like you, we once learned our lessons in a context of your dear earth’s reality. Our ways were different and our course took us in other directions than these that human-hood are presently embarked upon. Yet the spiritual motive, the originating power that propelled us, is the same impetus that now propels you along your course of earthly human venture -- the same purpose of evolvement’s exploration, though we have traveled different paths.

We have spoken to humankind since the beginning of your time, throughout your human history. Our history was not your history. Our experiences upon the earth were not and are not the same as yours. We took a different direction of development. We are the vine and your are the leaf. We are the roots and you are the vine. Roots grow deep and vines grow many tendrils. All are nourished, nurtured, through your earth. Growth is its own intention.