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A Note: from R.Cunningham,
Reality Theorist, and author of Self-to-self:
The Speaker Material, and The Mystical Verses (1.31.05)
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rom the beginning, In the mid198O’s, it was obvious that The "Speaker Material"  was more than just a creative writing project. This writing was not just an examination of interior dialogue or a deliberation between conscious-thinking mind and less-conscious intuitional awareness. This was not the same process of inward communication with my intuitional-spiritual "Self" that I had often experienced and thought I understood. My experience was not merely to hear and duly record some one-sided dissertation, or instructive or explanatory information giving.

While I believe our inward engagement is a choice, I also believe we cannot simply invoke psychic-spiritual encounters solely from determined conscious intention. I pursued this inward exploration certain that such an impromptu experience was an opportunity for personal learning. I continue to pursue this work from a belief that learning is the heart of creativity, and creativity is the heart of reality.

For me, this work is a process of interactive, interior "conversations" that is a natural by-product of trying to put my inherent inward experiences into a realistic and self-helpful perspective of my daily life. This conscious emergence of less-conscious activity was triggered by my effort to formulate new, practical thinking -- to grow new self-knowledge. This work sprung from seeking to explain and understand my own particular life-situations so I could shape my experiences more accurately through better informed choices, and decisions.

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When I engage is these "multi-focused discussions", I do not hear only what I expect to, or what I want to. I continually question the source and the validity of this process, and the theories of reality that this material presents. This work continues to addresses my questions concerning both personal and collective reality and this particular phenomenon, and it assumes that others also ask these same sorts of questions from the depths of their own hearts and minds.

Human Kind’s questions concerning the creation, perpetuity, and meaning our existence have both roared and whispered, from widely divergent sources throughout our history. Reality-concepts have run the gamut of ancient-to-new-age philosophies, psychological hypotheses, religious/spiritual doctrine, and all fields of social and scientific progress and knowledge, as both search and research into Earth’s origin and Human beginning. Every era has speculated upon and investigated the creation of our reality and passed judgement upon its own efforts; writing its own universalized treatise for Human Kind - about Human Kind, circumscribing and imposing upon Human Kind the prevailing overarching belief systems "of the times".

Perhaps, the truth of any hypothesis concerning our reality cannot be accurately determined in any ultimate way from our position within our reality. Maybe our judgements can only ever be subjective and qualitative, rather than objective and absolute. Maybe, it is only that one hypothesis is better than another is at "telling us a more likely story" about our existence and our reality’s creation.

To me, any proposition with a core premise of humanity’s creative intelligence as its immanent cause is worth my consideration. And any investigation into our comprehensive potentials that asks how we can fashion our comprehensive reality from a foundation of mutual fulfillment deserves my attention.

Throughout this work, the theme is always towards consilience.Main Entry: con·sil·i·ence
Function: noun
1 : Act of concurring; coincidence; concurrence.
2 : The concurrence of generalizations from separate classes of facts, in logical inductions so that one set of inductive laws is found to be in accord with another set, of distinct derivation.
 The major concern of the Speaker Material is the life-vitalizing development of our mind’s abilities. The central issue of this material is the relationship between our experience and understanding of our reality, and the facts of our reality. The founding thesis of this work is one of reconciliation, promoting our own human nature as the link between the facts of our existence and the facts of our experience. The core view is that a new interpretation of our reality will naturally lead to a new factual creation of our reality.

From an expansion of our concepts, we will develop a new explanation of our nature as an intrinsically life-supportive physical-and-spiritual/psychologic energy. From such an amended interpretation of ourselves new information concerning our reality will naturally result -- new facts will emerge to concur with a new comprehension of our existence. I believe that a conceptual shift that defines our human nature as innately co-operative rather than oppositional would intrinsically create itself into factual world experience. Only as each of us comprehends and then confirms the crucial conjunction of personal and collective experience through individual mind and action will we come to cooperatively engage our own nature with the nature of our reality as our creative origins. I believe The Speaker Material is a substantively relevant view of human existence, and can legitimately take its place as "an interpretation of practical condition and situation taken as the ground for action".