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The Formation of a Logo
A look into sacred geometry  (7.07.05)
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or me, "Self-to-self" refers to the study of the inter-dimensional, reciprocal flow of divine energy and intelligence that takes place between our higher Self, the self that exists simultaneously in many dimensions, and our ego-based, everyday self, the self that exists specifically in this one.

As I tried to come up with a logo distilling this thought concept into visual form, I naturally gravitated toward the use of sacred geometry.

Why sacred geometry?

"Esoteric, Geometric, and Symbolic writings, act as a "synapse" between the two polarities of intelligence. One finds that a clear logical exposition - be it architectural, scientific or mythological - will suddenly lift and expand into an immense interconnected thought field of an extra rational quality in which the multiple simultaneous meanings, while inwardly felt, may no longer be available to our rational mind.

Those unannounced fluctuations between our two primary nodes of knowing is at first disconcerting, but if one persists, sometimes without really grasping the idea, one can obtain glimpses of a new relationship between inner knowing and sensory based external analysis."

Robert Lawler
Introduction to Symbol and the Symbolique... Schwaller de Lubicz

What is sacred geometry?

"Sacred Geometry is the eternal visual language wrapped around the root concepts of the manifest universe. The archetypes and icons of geometry are absolutely perfect, unchanging, and timeless realities springing directly from God Mind.

The Universe is Vibration, and the principles of Sacred Geometry are directly correspondent to ALL wave form phenomena . . . ALL vibration. Science agrees, the Universe Is Vibration, and geometry IS vibration manifest on the visual, time/space planes.

Sacred Geometry defines the nature of Space and Time.


Charles Gilchrist

"Pythagoras described geometry as visual music. Music is created by applying laws of frequency and sound in certain ways. States of harmonic resonance are produced when frequencies are combined in ways that are in unison with universal law.

These same laws can be applied to produce visual harmony. Instead of frequency and sound it is angle and shape that are combined in ways that are in unison with universal law. Geometric shapes can be orchestrated in ways to produce visual symphonies that show the harmonic unification of diversity."

Jonathan Quintin

And below is an explanation as to why I chose to express our logo in the form of a mandala …

What is a mandala?

"Mandalas translate complex mathematical expressions into simple shapes and forms. They show how the basic patterns governing the evolution of life workout the most beautiful results.

The word mandala arises from the Sanskrit and means sacred circle. The circle symbolizes the womb of creation; and mandalas are geometric designs that are made through uniform divisions of the circle. The shapes that are formed from these divisions are symbols that embody the mathematical principles found throughout creation. They reveal the inner workings of nature and the inherent order of the universe.

Mandalas act as a bridge between the higher and lower realms. They are interdimensional gateways linking human consciousness to the realms of archetypes and the infinite. The relationship of form, movement, space and time is evoked by the mandala.

Mandalas offer a way to engage with the inherent harmony and balance of nature. They bring the principles of nature into our field of awareness. For thousands of years, mandala imagery has served as a means to an expanded way of thinking. The images transcend language and the rational mind. They bring about a certain wisdom of universal knowledge and a deeper understanding of human consciousness."

Jonathan Quintin

What the 7 interlocking circles found within our logo represent …

What is the Flower of Life symbol?

In the flower of life symbol, can be found all the building blocks of the universe that we call the Platonic Solids. The symbol can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and spirit within the universe.

The Platonic Solids are studied as they relate to the human body and the nature of consciousness leading the student to not only an intellectual understanding of the universe, but an experiential awareness of "God" and a feeling of connection to All That Is.

The Platonic Solids are important because they are found in the rudimentary construction of organic life, as well as music, language, and consciousness itself. These building blocks of life called the Platonic Solids serve as templates through which the foundation of all life everywhere can be expressed. Once this is understood, the importance of the Flower of Life becomes apparent as a totally integrated expression of "God" or "All That Is."

The Flower of Life is a universal template with many lenses. When placed over the face of a common or ordinary circle or sphere, the Flower of Life maps a window into the unity of infinity and turns the ordinary into a revelation of the extraordinary.

Looking into the window of the Flower of Life challenges us to unify our mind, heart, and spirit. When we can truly see all life woven so intimately, we strengthen the embrace of the divine in our lives and we can transform our world through the vision of universal unity."

©1999, 2000, 2001 by Flower of Life Research LLC

What is a Platonic solid?

"The Platonic Solids are a series of five distinct geometric forms which were considered by ancient Greek philosophers to make up the entire composition of the universe. Each of these forms had a relationship to one of the elemental components which consist of fire, earth, air, water and ether. Their shapes have inspired many great thinkers through out time. The link to Plato is established through his great work Timaeus. In this discourse he describes the creative being having manifest the Universe from five distinct elements or principles."

What the two overlapping triangles in the center of our logo represent…

Its 2-dimensional form, it is called the "genesis pattern" or "Star of David".

What is the Star of David?

"The Star of David, or magen David ('Shield of David'), is a six-pointed star formed by two interlocking equilateral triangles. It gets its name from the tradition that David carried a hexagram-shaped shield during his defeat of the giant Goliath. The more mystical aspects of the symbol are discussed in our exploration of the hexagram. Like the Taoist symbol for Yin and Yang, the hexagram is suggestive of an overriding unity and a union of opposites, and it is a potent symbol of the macrocosm (God, the Universe or Higher Energies), and of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm (Humankind, the Earth or Manifest Energies).

The symbol has strong links to the Kabbalah, with the upward-pointing triangle (the symbol of the element Fire) representing the yearning of the manifest to reach or return to the Divine, and the downward-pointing triangle (the symbol of the element Water) signifying the descent of the Divine into matter. Where these two meet in the center of the Star, a point of balance and beauty is reached, corresponding to Tifereth on the Tree of Life. The surrounding points correspond to the sefirot surrounding Tifereth on the Tree, with Binah representing the supernals (being the most manifest of the trinity), and Yesod touching the earth of Malkuth. The Kabbalistic form of the hexagram is illustrated in our discussion of the hexagram. In Kabbalistic magic, the symbol is often referred to as the Seal of Solomon and employed for its magical and protective properties.

The Star of David is sometimes known as the Creator's Star, in which each of the six points represents a day of the week and the center corresponds to the Sabbath."

In its 3-dimensional form, a star tetrahedron, it represents the Merkaba.

What is a Merkaba?

"Merkabah . . . also spelled Merkaba . . . is the divine light vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. The Mer-Ka-Ba is the vehicle of Light mentioned in the Bible by Ezekiel.

"Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.

Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit / Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports Spirit / Body from one dimension to another."

The corresponding spiritual values of the colors chosen for the logo are as follows…

Violet - The color of spiritual exploration, transformation, and freedom. The violet color is the highest vibrating color in our rainbow spectrum. This high frequency vibration seems to pull up the vibratory rate of other substances it contacts.
Keywords - Transformation - Spirit - Freedom

Gold - The color of Christ consciousness, unconditional love and healing. It represents the element of fire and is associated with the sun.
Keywords - Illumination - Wisdom - Prosperity

*Many thanks to the providers of the above sacred geometry definitions. Your insights into this divine visual language inspire us all!