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About Us:
Inceptions, Conceptions, Propositions and Positions, Revisited
by The Speakers (10.15.04)
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ow: you have returned to these pages.

We will reiterate the fundamental proposition and position that has brought us to this hear-and-now of these words upon this screen. (And yes, that spelling and meaning of "hear" was what we intended.)

We have been discussing your many private considerations about the "Internet inception" of our work and how others will perceive these conversations of ours.

Each of you exists first and foremost as a singular human self. Singular, not single, for your physical Being exists by virtue of the connections between self and Self, and as this fusion, you are then a distinguishable individual within your human world. Your personal understanding of this obvious underlying position is of key import to each of you.

While our position is first, necessarily taken from our broader multidimensional context of existence, your position is first, necessarily taken from the more singularized context of your self-to-Self human existence.  From within our own context of reality and identity our primary intention is to assist humankind with its evolvement.  From within your own context of human reality and human identity your individual intention is primarily your individual personal evolvement.

Personally dear scribe, your own individual evolvement includes this proposition of merging our different contexts with your own, which allows for this conjoined effort as this material.  Yet, you are somewhat dismayed to realize that these contextual differences between us, which you so smoothly utterly adapt to, have manifest into a more personal initiating angle for our written material than you intended.  You are uneasy with how so much of what you think of as just personal information is woven, twined, braided, written into the great expanse of our conversations.  You are worried that this initial aspect will create a beginning misunderstanding that may prejudice, or alienate our audience.  You speculate that perhaps this will prevent others from reading beyond such an opening slant, stopping them before they can discover our real purpose and proposition.

We assure each of you that reads this, that our discussions are not some sort of ego-centered tale intended as some personal exposé, or some sort of dementia-of-grandeur of the self who works with us.  Nor is this work undertaken only as a private life’s record or journal meant solely for her benefit as personal information.

The primary reason for integrating a human self’s specific personal aspects into this work is that such synthesis acts as an amplification or magnification of a human consciousness.  This sort of extension of a human consciousness creates the instigation points or the energy openings that allow our emergence into human reality as an actuated energy -- as these conversations.  This arrangement permits our energy (translated into these knowable worded ideas) into the reality of human consciousness.  The energy specifics of an individual human consciousness act as a connecting focus or a relational correspondence for our own kind of energy.  It is by virtue of this linked use of a personal consciousness that we can arrive so precisely in your here-and-now, and so universal human hood’s here-and-now.

Our proposition is to assist and support the opening of the individual mind -- the personal mind of each of you.  This proposal is of crucial importance to each of you as a new-sprung choice towards your personal development and then your world’s collective development.  This composition of ours is about how each of you is ultimately involved with your own intimate openings of your private mind’s energy as the link that opens into your personal Self’s inward reality.  We wish each of you to understand in your own most meaningful manner, how vital your intimate self-and-Self relationship is to the directions of your world’s evolvement.

We wish each of you who come along on this specific worded journey -- this mind-and-matter exploration here, to grasp the import of your own personal life and individual evolution, to the evolutionary course of humankind.  So, the subject matter of this material is not actually the personal evolution of our dear friend and typist here.  The theme of this material is the evolution of each of you, and thereby all of you.

From our discussions we are asking each of you to recognize how it is that you are involved in bringing us into humankind’s view, humankind’s reality, as A CONCEPTUAL VALUE.  We are first an idea in your own private mind.  A conceptual value is only a group of connected ideas that is alive through your consideration - a series of linked ideas that have an impact and a meaning to you because of your active thinking that continuously assesses and evaluates.  As you relate information of every sort from every source to any given idea, you supply it a conceptual value.  Only as you view (or shall we say inter-view) new ideas, will you see new choices and entertain new possibilities of creative direction for yourselves, and thereby for your world and beyond.

We ask each of you who come to these pages to use this overview of the construction of this material to draw the meanings we have embedded in this work intimately inward, through the action of thinking within your specific personal mind.  Our overarching effort is always to help each of you transfer the encompassing meanings within our information, that are inlaid within the personal context (circumstances and conditions) of our dear colleague, into your own private corresponding understandings.  It is our hope that you will recognize your own similar, correlative situations and experiences within our discussions.  As you read try putting your own dear name in place of our colleague’s to examine these ideas from that personal viewpoint of your own experiences.  As you read ask yourself how any of our conversations might apply, connect, be pertinent or relevant to your own life’s happenings, circumstances and conditions.  It is our hope that through such associative linkage you can discover the layers of meaning infused for you, by your own Self for your own most intimate assistance.

Our only pathway into your reality as a comprehendible energy is through the mind.  "The Mind" includes the individual mind of each of you.  The energy of your personal mind is available to each of you only through the inward interchange or interplay of thought and emotion that bonds the indivisible physical-spiritual-psychic nature of every self, to its Self.  We hope to spark a more conscious and more useable self-to-Self dialogue for each of you.  We hope that each of you can begin to hear your own self-to-Self conversations and bring into your experience your own personalized Self-for-self translation of our material.

November 4, 2004

Now: we shall continue with this discussion, and yes, this conversation would be appropriate under the heading "about us".  As we were saying, at root, these conversations are not about you (yourself), or even, about US.  Ultimately this presentation is an interactive undertaking designed to be about those who read it.  Our concern is that each individual may accurately know about them self.  In and of itself, this proposition will change your world of selves.

Within self-knowledge reside the choices that unite the heart of consciousness (so to say), with the intelligence, or the intellect of consciousness.  In the same manner that you can get to know us through our relationship with this person who works with us, each of you can get to know your own Self through your choice to "engage your presence" in that relationship.

These conversations represent a unison of active aims that is not as simplistic as information-only communication.  We often remind our friend here that truly, the map is not the territory - the lesson is not the learning.  The learning is in the experience of the lesson.  Reality is an experience of consciousness’ meanings drawn from the inside out.  Your reality is an experience drawn from the inward meanings of each of you, out into a manifest creation of that meaning, of each of you.  Each of you can only reflect the meaning of life through your own uniquely intimate experiences that are your life.  If you wish to fully claim your own reality of selfhood you must first conceptualize it as an experience of the ideas that you hold about that reality, and about that selfhood that are undeniably yours.

We tell you this on the "about us" page, in order that you can make a more informed choice concerning your reading and exploring of this different landscape of the reality self-and-Self.  Knowing the informational facts about anything does mean you know about it in any meaningful manner.  The meaning of your knowledge rests in your individuated choice to participate in the learning.

We are willing and this person is willing to participate in these explorations of Self-and-self’s reality with each of you, through these conversations.  In this same manner, each of you will bring your own willingness to participate in these explorations to this table of our discussions.  Your reading is your willingness to participate in these explorations.  In the spirit of the exploration rests the spirit of the experience for each you that come to this door of mind’s opening.

If you wish to get to know something about us, you will find "what we are about" written into these conversations that are this person’s singular life’s experiences, written into this timeless continuous dialogue between us.  We are written "in the spirit" of your explorations, because we are written in the spirit of her own explorations.  We are within this text, within this experience of your reading, within the inward language of consciousness, as the meanings that are triggered between your individual Self-to-self.  If you wish to know "about us", you may do so by learning about yourselves.

The proposition within all learning is always the inward opening of mind.  Your destinations, your answers, your wisdom, are within you as experiences to explore and discover.  Your participation in life’s journey, self-through-Self, is a wonder all your own.

November 4, 2004
We would like to add a postscript here:

As a further assist here, it is pertinent to your understanding of this material to be aware of the time frame or time line of our work.  While our voices as these conversations are of timeless nature, within your own world "timeliness" does hold value for you.  We have much to say concerning "time" as it is used as a component of your experiences - an underpinning of the framework of your reality.

We ask you each to look at the dates on what you are reading, as this has a bearing on your understanding and thereby your experiences of this reading.  It is a fine beginning game to think your way back to your own experiences at the time that this voice was originally being put to paper.  To shift your mind’s focus to such intimate inward perspective, shifts your conscious approach to this production in surprising ways.  Such shifting of inward perspective brings you a more personal connection to our words, as they are only now reverberating into this time of your reading, and this point of your view.

Your own memories inform you more fully of your own perceptions of time-in-reality.  We ask that you give thought to the contextual diversity that surrounded this production then, as now.  The process of mind that allowed our emergence then, just as it does now, is one of love.

The separate, fuller discussions of what we are saying here, are the weaving of conceptual web-work, that is characteristic of this project.

We bid you each good day.